History in brief

The Georg Jensen Damask family began to weave textiles for the home around the time that Columbus discovered America. Officially, the story begins in 1756, when Andreas Jensen marries Kirsten Christensdatter and the two of them lay the foundations for the Georg Jensen Damask we know today.

With a history that goes back generations, Georg Jensen Damask represents a unique craftsman-like quality and timeless design that encompasses all types of textiles for the home. The Georg Jensen Damask family’s philosophy was to create high quality;  various design products with great functionality and beauty. A philosophy we still use to navigate by today.

The head office is situated on Dieselvej and has formed the framework for the company’s activities since 1963. A shop and a showroom have also been located at this address since 1972.
The head office is situated on Dieselvej and has formed the framework for the company’s activities since 1963. A shop and a showroom have also been located at this address since 1972.

Georg Jensen Damask today

Today, Georg Jensen Damask is a modern textile company with a modern Scandinavian expression. An expression you will experience, whether you visit one of our shops, our retailers or our web shop or when meeting us at one of the leading international design exhibitions. Our distribution covers 13 countries; our web sales 70 countries and our shops can be found in the whole of Denmark. Our primary domestic market is Scandinavia, but we are experiencing an increasing amount of international interest and our number of international dealers is growing steadily by the day.

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The quality and functionality of our products are set to maintain high standards. We, therefore, work in close collaboration with a handful of our selected suppliers. Our products are weaved primarily in Europe; some of them are weaved in India. We experience closer working relationships by collaborating with family-owned weavers like ourselves. Together with our collaborators, we also focus strongly on environmental responsibility and human rights, two of the underlying philosophies of the UN Global Compact.  

Read more about the weaving process  and our focus on  environment and ethics.

Collections and design collaboration

The collection always takes its starting point in our DNA and Scandinavian design traditions. It consists primarily of home textiles and accessories for the four rooms of the house: the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. We create simple and timeless designs adapted to fit the trend and colour of the moment with a particular emphasis on the relevance and functionality for the customer. Our internal design team works in close collaboration with external designers, weavers and architects, each chosen to add something unique to our collection. It’s important that our design collaborators have an understanding of our DNA and long history. In addition to our own designs, our internal design team is responsible for selecting the RE: Designs from our extensive design archive, which goes all the way back to the 19th century.

We have been involved in several exciting projects for the Danish Royal Family in the past and are proud of our title " Purveyor to Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark. See our  Royal references here..

Healthy thoughts - and the philosophy behind

“Healthy Thoughts” is a framework and guideline, which helps to ensure that we continue to have a fun, healthy and good working environment in an inspiring and imaginative way at Georg Jensen Damask. It is therefore not meant as a static or fixed concept, but more as a general philosophy, which is reflected in the way we act and work. For example, a typical day consists of a daily 15-minute walk with pay, morning exercises with resistance bands and, not least, the production of honey from our own bee hives. “Healthy thoughts” is also about treating others how you would like them to treat you, meeting your colleagues with a positive attitude, laughing, having fun and of course celebrating all of the successes, whether they are big or small.