Bent Georg Jensen

At the age of 10 Bent Georg Jensen was sent to weaving school during the summer vacations and received after schooling an education as a trained textile engineer. He lost his parents at a very young age and became, in cooperation with his older brother, head of the family business, which as early as in his grandfather’s days had won several awards at the World Exhibition Fair in London and Paris. In 1944, he graduated with a diploma in commerce, and a year later, shortly after his brother’s death, he entered the board and took over the Georg Jensen weaving mill in Kolding.

After two years at the Textile Institute in Borås in Sweden, he became the CEO of the family business in 1947. He had a series of known weavers such as Bodil Bødtker-Næs, Kim Naver and Vibeke Flint employed to develop new patterns, while he drew the iconic classics: Tripp, Kubus and Abild – designs whereas some still are to find in today’s collection. The company grew, and Bent Georg Jensen developed new strategies towards damask weaving and ordered new automatic weaving machines from England and French jacquard weaves from France. In 1993 he opened a new factory building. Bent Georg Jensen was a member of the first counselling committee for textile design at the Design School Kolding.

Bent Georg Jensen was thoroughly versed in the damask weaving, and he was the mainspring of the design development during several decades, and he drew timeless designs for the company until 2011.

Bent Georg Jensen has created designs such as the ABILD tea towel, the 1959 kitchen towel, TRIPP bed linen and the KUBUS pattern that adorns both bedspreads and pillows in the Georg Jensen Damask range.  
Bent Georg Jensen

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The launch and re-launch of the historical QUEEN MARGRETE I TABLECLOTH and HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN TABLECLOTH were other results of his in-depth engagement with the design process. Bent Georg Jensen trained as a textile engineer and for more than fifty years headed GEORG JENSEN DAMASK, until he sold the family company.