Fitted box sheet

Exclusive, premium quality sheets designed for box spring mattresses.

Sleep tight - and softly

We spend many hours in the bedroom, so it should be designed to provide a setting for relaxation and tranquility. Although the sheet is not always visible, it plays an extremely important role in achieving a good sleep experience. Your sheet is, like your bed linen, in direct contact with your body throughout the night, which is why it is essential that it can withstand gradual wear and tear. At the same time, it needs to be soft and comfortable to lie on with a fit that ensures it stays in place.

Sheets for box spring mattresses

In the collection you will find, in addition to standard sheets and envelope sheets for mattress toppers, fitted sheets for your box spring mattress. The elasticated corners ensure that the sheet stays firmly in place and always lies neatly and smoothly. It is made in the same solid and plain-woven quality as the rest of the sheet collection, meaning that it lies neatly, smoothly and in place – all night long. The plain weave ensures a high degree of durability, and dyeing the yarn prior to the weaving process achieves optimum colour fastness so the sheet stays looking beautiful – wash after wash.

At Georg Jensen Damask you will find fitted box sheets in two 'heights' – 25 cm and 35 cm – which correspond to the height of the box mattress. Our customers often like to use our sheets in different ways, so we offer several different combinations. Some customers use a box spring sheet with an envelope sheet, so that the mattress and mattress topper have separate sheets. For this, the 25-cm size will be the correct height for many customers (if it is a standard box spring). Others use one sheet for both the box spring and the mattress topper, in which case they should typically opt for the 35-cm size.

Luxury sheets for the bedroom

An exclusive fitted sheet for your box spring mattress is a piece of soft and comfortable everyday luxury that helps you achieve a good night's sleep. In the collection you will find an array of elegant colours that will enhance any bedroom and create a stylish background for beautiful bed linen designs. For instance, try the dark grey sheet which creates a sophisticated weightiness in the bedroom, or the lighter platinum grey, which invites harmony and tranquillity. Of course, you can also choose the navy box spring sheet and create a comfortable balance, or the pure white sheet for a timeless, classic look. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed a luxury sheet in 100% plain weave cotton of the highest quality. And remember that the fitted sheet is available in both double box spring and single box spring versions.

Is your mattress a size that does not match the sheets in our standard collection? We are happy to custom-sew your new sheet in a special size. Call + 45 75 52 27 00 or send an email to – together, we will find a solution and a price.