Damask julekalender 2019

Advent Calendar 2019

Welcome to our big Advent calendar, which will offer you beautiful design every day until Christmas. You can look forward to tablecloths, bed linen, towels and much more at extra good prices – right up until Christmas Eve. We will open a new door with a new deal waiting behind it every day, but you can get an idea of what awaits you below.  

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Psst... Advent calendar offers are only available on the days listed below.

1. December


Kitchen favourites

The first door in the Advent calendar reveals a package with the gorgeous COLOURBLOCK dishcloths and the EGYPT tea towel in stylish colours. Soft kitchen essentials, woven to dry - and to look beautiful in your kitchen

2x COLOURBLOCK dishcloths and 1x EGYPT tea towel

(Choose between the colours Deep Blue or Winetasting)

Regular price:  EUR 48
Calendar offer: EUR 34

2. December


Your tablecloth’s best friend

Are you ready to open the second door of our popular Advent calendar?

Behind it you will find our beautiful tablecloth underlay and an equally beautiful discount.

A tablecloth underlay keeps your tablecloth in place and protects your table from stains and moisture. The underlay also brings out the best in your damask tablecloth, ensuring a nice, soft drop along all the edges and corners.

Get 30% off tablecloth underlays in all sizes so your damask tablecloth will always look great.

3. December


Napkins for every day and special occasions

Setting the table and making an effort, whether it is for yourself or for guests, is a joy which sets the mood around the table. The third door of the Advent calendar contains an offer for the people who enjoy making something special out of a table setting – for Christmas parties and for casual weekday evenings around the table.

4x napkins in the colour Deep Red:

Regular price: EUR 54
Calendar offer: EUR 40

4. December


Table runner in Christmas design

The fourth door of the Advent calendar hides a very special favourite for the Christmas season.

The CHRISTMAS TABLE RUNNER, with the original Christmas pattern by Bodil Bødtker-Næss, is one of the damask collection’s most popular designs and is an essential part of the Christmas season in many homes. With the elegant table runner, you can easily set a beautiful Christmas table for both everyday and special occasions.  

Get 30% off the CHRISTMAS TABLE RUNNER in the size 50x140 cm or 50x165 cm. Choose from the colours Deep Red, Red, Blue Gold and Winter Grey.

5. December


Arne Jacobsen's timeless design

The fifth door of the Advent calendar is for people who appreciate functional design on the table.

ARNE JACOBSEN placemats are the ideal addition to an elegant table setting. The placemats’ popular pattern was selected from Arne Jacobsen's surviving sketches and was launched in 2002 as a tribute to the Danish architect on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

4x ARNE JACOBSEN placemats, rectangular or oval. Choose from the colours Opal Grey or Anthracite

Regular price: EUR 92
Calendar offer: EUR 64

6. December


A kitchen package for the design lover

Behind the sixth door of the Advent calendar you will find real everyday luxury for the kitchen.

The kitchen package consists of the beautiful COLOURS tea towel and two stylish NORS dishcloths. Both designs were created with a focus on the many tasks which are done in the kitchen and are therefore unparalleled in terms of drying performance as well as durability. Treat yourself or someone you care about to everyday luxury for the kitchen.

1x COLOURS tea towel (choose from the colours Army Green and Navy Blue) and 2x NORS dishcloths (in the colour Navy)

Regular price: EUR 32
Calendar offer: EUR 25

7. December


Hand-drawn design for the bedroom

We are opening the seventh door of the Advent calendar and welcoming a hand-drawn classic.

Andreas Engesvik’s elegant design is a firm favourite in our collection of bed linen. A soft classic in 100% Egyptian cotton with a beautiful, hand-drawn pattern. With its quiet and understated design, the quality of the weave steps into character and makes the bed linen an elegant touch in the bedroom.

Buy stylish bedding, ENGESVIK by hand, in the dark colour Navy Blazer and in all sizes with a whole 25% discount.

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8. december


Soft, softer, terry

The eighth door of the Advent calendar offers a soft package of the best kind.

Our terry package is an everyday luxury for the whole family. The towels have been woven in 100% Egyptian cotton terry and are distinguished by their great, soft quality and unique drying properties. The thick terry towels are all adorned with a woven logo as the cherry on top.  A lovely luxury in everyday life and a decorative element in your interior.

The terry package is available in the colour Slate and contains

2x beach towels (size 70x140 cm)
2x guest towels (size 40x70 cm)

Regular price: EUR 134
Calendar offer: EUR 95

9. december


Stylish design under the Christmas tree

Behind the ninth door of the Advent calendar you will find one of our newest additions to the line of Bodil Bødtker-Næss' popular Christmas designs.

The CHRISTMAS TREE RUG, designed in the Christmas tablecloth’s recognisable pattern, has been created with a strong focus on quality as well as on design that will last for many years and become a traditional feature of the Christmas season over time. The octagonal Christmas tree rug unites craftsmanship with nostalgia and emphasises Christmas as the festival of hearts.

Start a new Christmas tradition with a 25% discount on the Christmas tree rug in the colours Blue Gold, Deep Red or Winter Grey.

10. december


Luxury sheets for the bedroom

A well-made bed is the secret to a restful night – and behind the tenth door of the Advent calendar, we would like to make a case for the importance of a good night's sleep.

Complete your bed with a smooth sheet which stays where it is supposed to. Our durable, plain-woven sheets help induce a good night's sleep and stay beautiful, wash after wash. A soft and comfortable everyday luxury which brings elegance to the bedroom because it always lies neatly on the bed

Save 25% on our beautiful white bed sheets in all sizes.

11. december


Cosy winter moments

Christmas is approaching and winter darkness has truly descended all over the country. The eleventh door of the Advent calendar is for the cosy indoors moments to come.

Candles are an indispensable part of a cosy atmosphere as well as a stylish element of your interiors. Our selection of long candles matches many of the collection's other designs and makes it easy to create a beautiful overall impression at the table.

Pack of four candles – choose from the colours Deep Red, Deep Blue, Red, White and Grey

Regular price: EUR 12
Calendar offer: EUR 8

12. december


Everyday luxury for the youngest members of the family

Everyone deserves to experience the joy of good design – children and adults alike. With the twelfth door of the Advent calendar you can treat the youngest members of your family to some beautiful everyday luxury.

The elegant BABY SQUARE hooded towel in a delicate design made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton will envelop your child in silky soft comfort after their bath or on a chilly morning. With the twelfth door of the Advent calendar you can get the hooded towel in the beautiful, subdued Off-white colour at a specially good price:

Regular price: EUR 59
Calendar offer: EUR 46

13. december


Dress your bed in soft luxury

Do you dream of enveloping your bedroom in well-being and style? If so, the thirteenth door of the Advent calendar is perfect for you.

A beautiful bedspread creates a feeling of tranquillity in the bedroom and serves as stylish adornment for the bed during the day. Our elegant KUBUS bedspread has been designed in a blend of viscose and cotton which feels as soft and warm as it looks.

Save 30% on KUBUS in sizes 190x260 cm and 260x260 cm. Choose from the colours Castle Rock, Dusty Green and Navy Blazer.

14. december


Invite winter to the table

The fourteenth door of the Advent calendar hides a damask tablecloth in a lofty design – perfect for the many cosy dinners in the near future.

SNOWFLAKE was designed by textile artist Jette Nevers, who was inspired by the snowflake’s purity and quiet existence in the world. She created a design with a simplicity and a neat look which creates peace at the table at any time of year
The pure design is amplified in the deep colour Blue Abyss, while the snowflakes emerge as stars in the evening sky.

Buy the SNOWFLAKE table cloth in the colour Blue Abyss with a huge 25% discount and spread the mood around the table.

15. december


Sleep sweetly and softly

The fifteenth door of the Advent calendar features classic bed linen with a luxurious feel and a personal touch.

ENGESVIK by hand is elegant bed linen driven by craft. The design was created by Norwegian Andreas Engesvik, whose hand-drawn pattern celebrates the idea of the simple life. The lines in the pattern were originally drawn with a pencil and were then woven into 100% Egyptian cotton textile by experienced weavers.

Save 25% on the stylish bed linen in white and in all sizes.  

16. december


Wrap up the preparations with Christmas baubles

As Christmas approaches we decorate our homes and make sure that the Christmas spirit is flowing indoors. The sixteenth door of the Advent calendar is for the people who like to make something special of December’s decorations.

The design of the baubles was inspired by Bodil Bødtker-Næss' iconic heart pattern from the CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH. The bauble has a matte surface, and the traditional Christmas heart is a beautiful, evocative detail. Classics on the Christmas tree, in the window or decoratively gathered in a bowl.

Pack of four Christmas baubles – choose from the colours Red, White and Blue

Regular price: EUR 34
Calendar offer: EUR 25

17. december


Everyday luxury in magical design

Behind the seventeenth door of the Advent calendar, a beloved classic in H. C. Andersen's fairy tale design awaits you.

The H. C. ANDERSEN placemats invite you into a world of Adventure and imagination. The classic patterns exude the Adventurous joy of storytelling, which is contagious. Even little children are enchanted by the magical universe and going off in search of Adventure. The placemats come in a series of three different packs with two of H. C. Andersen’s most popular fairy tales in each one.

2x H. C. ANDERSEN placemats in the colour Zinc. Choose from three different packages:

Regular price: EUR 46
Calendar offer: EUR 34

18. december


Pampering for you and a free gift

When the cold outside gets serious, we turn up the luxury and comfort inside. The eighteenth door is for those of you who want to create an atmosphere of wellness in the bathroom.

We have put together a wonderful package of real everyday luxury which only gets better with use. The towels have been woven in 100% Egyptian cotton terry and are distinguished by their great, soft quality and unique drying properties. All the towels are adorned with a woven logo as an elegant finishing touch.

The terry package is available in the colour Deep Navy and contains:

2x beach towels (size 70x140 cm)
2x guest towels (size 40x70 cm)

Regular price: EUR 134
Calendar offer: EUR 95

19. december


For cosy moments on the sofa

The nineteenth door of the Advent calendar features the whimsical TRIPP throw – perfect for cosy moments in the cold months.

TRIPP was designed by Bent Georg Jensen, who was Georg Jensen Damask’s senior designer for many years. The geometric pattern is a repeating step design, intermittently interrupted only by a vertical line. The TRIPP throw is available in 100% lambswool and is as soft and warm to the touch as it looks.

Buy the TRIPP throw in the colour Grey with a full 30% discount and turn up the cosiness and warmth on the sofa or in a cosy corner.

20. december


Relax in style

The twentieth door of the Advent calendar oozes wellness and pampering.

Our beautiful Kimono is easy and classic, a simple design for slow mornings and cosy moments. The waffle-woven kimono is a staple in the collection and is also available with a light lining in soft terry cloth which warms you, further enhancing the comfort. Pampering from the morning for many years to come.

Save up to 25% on the kimono, with or without lining, in the colours White and Slate.

21. december


Kitchen package for joy and use

The twenty-first door offers real everyday luxury for those who love functional design.

The kitchen package consists of the ABILD tea towel in a strong linen and cotton combination as well as two stylish LINEN dishcloths in 100% linen. Both designs have been created with a focus on the many activities that take place in the kitchen and they offer optimal absorbency and durability. Perfect for self-indulging but just as obvious for a wonderful Advent gift.

1x ABILD tea towel and 2x LINEN dishcloths in the colour Dark Grey

Regular price: EUR 32
Calendar offer: EUR 26

22. december


Classics of table setting

The twenty-second door hides a true classic of table setting. Cloth napkins are an extravagant everyday luxury which can make a table elegant in an instant.

With its simple design, the napkin is a beautiful and stylish addition to a table setting. It is a perfect finishing touch for big dinners but is also a stylish feature of simple morning meals. A small, extravagant luxury that invites you to make a little more out of your table setting.

Buy four NAPKINS in a colour of your choice and get a whole 20% discount.

23. december


Pampering your textiles

Christmas is arriving on the doorstep tomorrow, and the long festive table must once again be set with everything it needs.
For this reason, the twenty-third door hides a little practical indulgence for your table textiles over these next few days.

The many cosy, Christmassy hours mean that tablecloths, placemats, napkins and so on are thoroughly used. That is why they could use our special detergent for linen and cotton products, which preserves both colour and clarity – even after many washes.

Save 20% on DAMAVASK and keep your fabrics looking lovely for longer.

24. december


Behind the 24th door is a competition for an elegant ARNE JACOBSEN tablecloth in Opal Grey in the winner’s choice of size in the collection, with 8 napkins in matching colour.

The winner will be contacted directly. The competition is today only, 24 December.

Stay updated with our newsletter, in which we will inform you about the competition.

A very Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you.