Cecilie Manz serve graphic lines for the kitchen

The chequered tea towel is almost an archetypal symbol of kitchen textiles. RAIN is Cecilie Manz’s interpretation of the classic, chequered tea towels and consists of three different designs. From a simple version with a single line in each direction to several lines, and a more varied chequered expression.
I see them as three old aunts. They are interrelated and similar, yet completely different,” says Cecilie Manz about the three designs, each of which is named after its number of lines – 1, 3 and 20 lines distributed across the three beautiful tea towels.

RAIN is woven with 100% linen – a material Cecilie Manz is very enthusiastic about. She has a penchant for the natural linen colour, which here is woven with a white thread to create a vibrant and varicoloured surface. The surface is joined by Manz’s elegant lines in the classic kitchen blue colour that results in a beautiful interplay between the soft and the graphic. A beautiful design in all its simplicity, which looks elegant when placed together in a row or by itself.

Linen is also a material that can go either way. It can be stiff and may seem almost royal, but it can also be wrinkled and casual. Linen is a strong material that can withstand wear and work. The material is also perfect for the kitchen as linen has superior drying properties.  

RAIN 1, 3 and 20, size 50 x 80 cm, costs EUR 19 per piece, and is sold in Georg Jensen Damask profile stores across the country and on www.georgjensen-damask.com. For the nearest retailer, please call 75 52 27 00.