CEO - Peter

Below, you will find all of Peter’s employee favourites. Read on and be inspired by designs both new and old.
At the home of Peter, CEO and president, celebrating holidays is a tradition. And one holiday in particular calls for a truly special design. “Holidays are when people congregate and when the family spends time together. In our home, Christmas is THE holiday. My two boys also come home then, so we do a lot of celebrating. Therefore, one of my biggest favourites is the CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH in Red – it's on our table every year.”

On weekdays its simple and elegant design graces Peter’s table. The list of favourites includes items such as the ARNE JACOBSEN tablecloth with a coated surface in the colour Asphalt, and ENGESVIK tablecloth in Winter Grey. The two designs are both timeless classics in dark Nordic colours. “I think that in a way, the clean lines make the design understandable. I like design which brings a sense of calm to the eye.”

Like many others, Peter has a busy life, and a good night's sleep is therefore a priority. So behind his bedroom door is bed linen in a calming design that helps facilitate a good night’s sleep. “ENGESVIK by hand bed linen is a clear favourite. Once again, the design is slightly conservative, but in all its simplicity, it fits together with most things. Plus, it also has a crisp feel.”

The textiles in Peter's kitchen are characterised by the same simple but timeless style, and also among his favourites is the ABILD tea towel in the colour Flint. “ABILD, designed by Bent Georg Jensen, is so timeless, and it suits any kitchen. It is a design that is extremely well thought through. Plus, I think it is calming – to my eyes, anyway.”

The final favourite on Peter’s list is the large BASE bag, which suits several different purposes. The bag's size makes it suitable for all the chores that require a bit more space than a regular shoulder bag. “I think the BASE bag is just so well thought through. I use it when I play sports, when we go to our summer house, or when we go shopping. My boys actually also use it when they go down to our local gym to exercise.”