Georg Jensen Damask’s Christmas tablecloth has been a classic in the collection since 1975, and has become a permanent fixture of the Christmas table arrangements in many Danish homes. This Christmas, Georg Jensen Damask is adding a new design to the collection, which is the brainchild of the ceramist and artist, Thora Finnsdóttir. The design is based on Thora’s design language and combines history and the present day in the most delightful way in two elegant colours – one light and one dark.

Over the years, Georg Jensen Damask has created new colours for the Christmas tablecloth, but this year the Danish-Icelandic artist Thora Finnsdóttir has been responsible for designing a completely new Christmas tablecloth. In cllaboration with Georg Jensen Damask, Thora has emphasised looking back in time and allowing a new design language to evolve.
From sanded glass to damask weaving
With this tablecloth, FINNSDÓTTIR, Thora’s unique and three-dimensional design language has been transposed to a uniform and elegant surface and transformed into the soft damask weaving. The design is based on Thora’s familiar body of work - the ceramics and inspiration for the decorations themselves are caught in the patterns of old glass. The underlying pattern, which forms the surface of the tablecloth, is a discreet and elegantly connected grid system. On the graphic background, the drawing of the principal star emerges beautifully, and lends a modern touch to the traditional Christmas tablecloth.

About the design Thora Finnsdóttir tells: ”The background pattern stems from an old and complex pattern of a glass that is drawn on a tray that I have had for a long time. The pattern for the star in the weave also stems from sanded glass. That way, the two expressions go really well together.”

FINNSDÓTTIR is being launched in the colours WHITE and WINETASTING, both with a stainrepellent surface. The two colours fit well into the current trend; the white tablecloth with the discreet decoration creates a snow-white and slightly formal mood that many people look for in their Christmas table setting, while the dark Winetasting, with its deep claret-coloured colour, lends a warm and elegant expression that complements the traditional green and red nuances of Christmas.
The white tablecloth is included as a permanent fixture of the collection, while W inetasting is a limited edition, of which 200 are numbered using elegant embroidery. In addition to the tablecloth, the design also appears on a tea towel in the colours Winetasting and Dark Grey.

”The Christmas tablecloth is the bearer of a tradition that signifies a lot for many people. Many might have inherited one and for them the tablecloth has become a symbol of Christmas. That’s why it should be a tablecloth that is different but at the same time has an air of classicalness about it so that it can blend into our existing Christmas traditions.”,Thora Finnsdóttir tells.