Create wellness in the bathroom

You can achieve the soothing feeling of wellness without having to leave the house. Using high-quality soft textiles, you can turn your bathroom into an inviting home spa that oozes of well-being.
Wrapping up in a soft towel and indulging yourself completely after a warm bath is surely one of the most beautiful feelings for anyone. Soft towels do not only provide the feeling of luxury for body and soul, they also create an atmospheric feature in the décor of the bathroom.

In this video, we show you how to use different types of towels to create a relaxing feeling of wellness at home in no time at all. We have used the soft DAMASK TERRY towels in 100% Egyptian cotton in a beautiful grey nuance, which add contrast to the décor without dominating it. The dusty grey creates a peaceful atmosphere – perfect for the décor of your own, relaxing spa oasis.

It’s a good idea to mix and match the colours of your bath towels, bath sheets, bath mats and guest towels to create a consistent overall look for your room. Don't forget the face cloths, which are not only great as a stylish feature for everyday use but can also be rolled up and placed in a basket to provide your guests with a little extra luxury, just like in a hotel.

We are spending more and more time in the bathroom. It therefore needs to be a pleasant and inviting place to be. Complete your spa experience with lighted candles, preferably scented, which cover every corner of the room and add flowers and plants to provide a touch of nature.
In the video we have used:
Terry Towels, size 50 x 100, in Slate colour
Guest towels, size 40 x 70, in Slate colour
Face cloths, size 32 x 32, in Slate colour