Experience the joy of a dishcloth that in all its simplicity is a delight in the kitchen for both the hands and the eyes.
In addition, it is not least a benefit to the environment thanks to the choice of material, which is especially durable and natural.

The dishcloths from Georg Jensen Damask are woven in linen, which is a welcome addition to the modern kitchen where aesthetics also play an important role. In addition, linen has a fantastic property in that the material is a natural antiseptic, absorbs, and releases moisture quicker than other textiles. That is why dishcloths dry quickly and are easy to wring out and work with. This is a dishcloth's most important task.
In addition to the functional qualities, linen only becomes softer and softer for each wash and ages with grace and elegance.

Dishcloths made of high-quality linen create an indispensable everyday luxury that makes kitchen life easier and more elegant.