Dishcloths are one of the kitchen’s most indispensable tools. We use them many times a day for cleaning and wiping, so it’s important to choose a dishcloth which is easy to wring out and which dries quickly. This makes work in the kitchen a little more fun. Our dishcloths are designed with optimal absorbency and long-lasting durability in mind. With each wash, they become even softer and they age gracefully over time.

A cotton dishcloth is particularly eco-friendly, thanks to material that is especially durable and can be used again and again.


Although the dishcloth’s main purpose is cleaning and wiping surfaces, it should of course also have a stylish design. Dishcloths are often out on worktops or left to dry across the tap, and are thus a visible feature of the kitchen. Our dishcloth is designed to be a versatile addition to the modern kitchen, where aesthetics play a big role. The wide selection of colours makes it easy to match the dishcloths to the kitchen’s other textiles, including tea towels and kitchen towels, and create a beautiful overall impression.


The dishcloths aren’t just for kitchen work. They can also be part of your table setting as stylish napkins – perfect for the breakfast table, but also for more formal occasions. Our large selection of colours makes it easy to find dishcloths in a colour that matches your table and the ambience you want to create. The dishcloths are also suitable for putting in the bottom of your bread basket or as a decorative cover for freshly baked bread. Simply put, the dishcloth is a fine and functional textile for the kitchen.