Experience the joy of a dishcloth which, in all its simplicity, is a delight for the hands and the eyes.

Dishcloths for tasks in the kitchen

Dishcloths are one of the kitchen's main tools. We use them for cleaning multiple times during the day, so it is important to prioritise a cloth which is easy to wring out and which dries quickly. This makes work in the kitchen more fun and, not least, much softer. In our collection you will find dishcloths in linen and in cotton, in various different colours. No matter which material you choose, the dishcloths have all been designed around optimal drying properties and durability. In addition to their functional qualities, the dishcloths only get softer and softer with each wash, ageing with grace and elegance.

A dishcloth in linen or cotton is particularly beneficial for the environment because of the material, which is specially durable and can be reused again and again – we call it everyday luxury for the kitchen.

The dishcloth’s main task

Although the dishcloth’s main purpose is cleaning and wiping surfaces, it should of course also have a stylish design. Dishcloths are often out on worktops or left to dry on the tap, and are thus a visible feature of the kitchen. Our range of cloths are designed to be stylish additions to the modern kitchen, where aesthetics also play a big role. The large colour selection makes it easy to match the dishcloths to the kitchen's other textiles, including tea towels and kitchen towels, thus creating a beautiful overall look in the room.

A dishcloth in linen or cotton

Linen and cotton are excellent materials when it comes to the kitchen's many tasks. We used to weave everything in linen, but over time, the wonderful characteristics of cotton led us to launch a dishcloth designed in 100% cotton. The NORS and LINEN dishcloths are very different in design and look, but they share good drying properties and a durable quality. The colour range has been carefully considered so that the dishcloths will fit into any kitchen and add value to a busy day. Whether you choose a cloth in cotton or linen, you are guaranteed an indispensable everyday luxury which makes time in the kitchen easier and more elegant.

Dishcloths for laying the table

The dishcloths do not have to only be used for tasks in the kitchen. They do very well as part of your table setting as stylish napkins – perfect for the breakfast table, but also for more formal occasions. In our large range you can easily find dishcloths in a colour that matches your table and the mood you want to create around it – whether you choose a knitted cotton cloth or a waffle-woven linen cloth. The dishcloths are also suitable for putting in the bottom of your bread basket or as a decorative cover for freshly baked bread. Quite simply, they are pieces of everyday luxury with many different functions.