To set a table and make an effort, be it just for the sake of it or for your guests, is a joy that sets the mood around the table. A well-set table provides the framework and atmosphere, which automatically inspires good company on both everyday and special occasions. Georg Jensen Damask is now launching the beautiful PLAIN linen tablecloth with matching napkins, and is putting a silk-woven emphasis on the fact that it must be both easy and straightforward to set an elegant dinner table.
The PLAIN tablecloth is a novelty in the Georg Jensen Damask collection and is satin-woven with 100% linen. One of the benefits of weaving with linen is that it is durable material that stays beautiful year after year, and with an informal and at the same time elegant expression, linen is the perfect material for the house’s modern classics.

PLAIN’s satin-woven linen texture is both soft and heavy, but first and foremost, luxurious. PLAIN has an elegant look, even though it is not freshly ironed. The tablecloth matches the new PLAIN linen napkins, and both have an embroidered logo.

The PLAIN napkins are also woven with 100% linen and are softer and lighter than the classic napkins in the collection. The PLAIN napkins add a rustic and relaxed look to the table setting, regardless of whether they are matched with the PLAIN tablecloth or dress a wooden table with its natural expression.

The PLAIN series is an elegant yet informal starting point for the set table, and is perfect for summer parties and casual weekday evenings around the table.

Both the PLAIN tablecloth and napkins are available in the colour Grey, at prices starting from EUR 227 for the size 140 x 250 cm for the tablecloth and EUR 16 per napkin or EUR 15 for four napkins.  PLAIN tablecloth and napkins are sold in Georg Jensen Damask profile stores across the country and on damask.dk. For the nearest retailer, please call 75 52 27 00.