Elegant knit for the cold days

FLECKED, WAFFEL AND PEARS are a series of cushions and throws, which can be mixed and matched. All knitted, but different types of knitting, each with very different looks and textures.

PEARL cushion has a quiet surface with a subtle hint of moss stitches matching the coarsely knitted WAFFLE cushion and FLECKED plaid, which both are part of the series. The PEARL cushion is available in three different colours and is knitted from 50% cotton and 50% wool. Size 40 x 60 cm. Price Eur 74

WAFFLE is knitted in a coarse waffled knit that adds a raw expression to the cushion matching a modern Nordic look. WAFFLE is knitted from 80% wool and 20% polyamide and is available in the colour Dark Grey. Size 50 x 50 cm. Price Eur 74

FLECKED plaid is two-sided in the colours Grey/ Black and Grey/ Brown. FLECKED is knitted from 50% wool and 50% cotton. FLECKED will keep you warm without scratching. Available in size 120x 180 cm at Eur 200