Fitted sheet

Beautiful envelope sheets for your mattress topper in 100% long-fibre cotton.
Good sleep is essential to our everyday lives and general well-being. We spend many hours in the bedroom, relaxing and recharging, so it is important that we surround ourselves with design that can accommodate and facilitate our needs. Along with quality bed linen, a good sheet that lies neatly in place is an important part of the optimum sleep experience. If the sheets are wrinkled and messy they can annoy and bother you, ultimately resulting in disrupted sleep. In the collection you will find, in addition to standard flat sheets and sheets for mattress toppers, a wonderful selection of luxurious fitted envelope sheets in several stylish colours. All sheets are plain-woven in 100% long-fibre cotton of the highest quality, so you are guaranteed the greatest possible comfort at bedtime.

Sheets for mattress toppers

An envelope sheet is a fitted sheet made for a mattress topper. The primary function of the sheet is to protect the mattress topper and to lie neatly and smoothly without wrinkling. The fitted envelope sheets in the collection are designed to go 25 cm underneath the mattress topper, and are suitable for a height of 8 cm. Our customers often like to use our sheets in different ways, so we offer several different combinations. Some people choose to combine an envelope sheet with a sheet for their box spring mattress, so the two are kept separate with their own sheets. Whatever you choose, you are certain to get a sheet in an exclusive quality which will lie neatly and smoothly on the mattress topper – all night long.

Sheets in stylish colours

In the collection you will find envelope sheets for double mattress toppers and single mattress toppers in a variety of classic colours. For instance, try a stylish grey sheet in platinum or dark grey if you dream of inviting elegance into your bedroom. If you prefer more depth and tranquillity, choose the timeless navy colour, which pairs beautifully with bed linen in the same tone – or as a contrast to an all-white design. The plain weave of the sheets ensures exceptional durability, and the yarn is dyed prior to the weaving process to achieve the best colour fastness. This allows the envelope sheet to continue looking its very best – wash after wash.

Is your mattress a size that does not match the sheets in our standard collection? We are happy to custom-sew your new sheet in a special size. Call + 45 75 52 27 00 or send an email to – together, we will find a solution and a price.