Environment & Ethics

ENVIRONMENT & ETHICSGEORG JENSEN DAMASK has a company culture allowing the individual employee to consider the environment. Simple daily routines such as saving water, heating and electricity are already established and major energy-saving initiatives are regularly assessed and implemented. We use environmentally-approved cleaning products and environmentally-certified copying paper and also prioritise organic production. Altogether, we focus on environment, ethics and safety in our daily work – internally as well as at our external partners. We make an effort to reduce both pollution and resource consumption through environment-aware and responsible operation.


We have high quality requirements in relation to our products, which also have to meet current statutory requirements and standards. We ensure this by careful material selection and regular control.


Our primary suppliers are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We have a Code of Conduct describing the requirements our suppliers have to meet. In addition to the statutory requirements in relation to environment and social rights, we impose stricter requirements in relation to working environment, building conditions, environmental protection and social issues. We regularly monitor our suppliers to ensure that they meet the requirements. Our guideline in this area is the United Nations Global Compact. Surplus production or materials from the production are reused as far as possible.


Our carriers must have an environmental policy. We focus on large and therefore fewer shipments. We also optimise the content of the individual shipments for the benefit of both economy and environment and use sea and land transport whenever possible.


The majority of our products are shipped in cardboard boxes, which are reused for storage or further shipment. If reuse is not possible, all packaging material is recyclable. Internally, we reuse most packaging material and all waste is sorted in an environmentally correct manner. We avoid excess packaging of our products and leave it up to the customers to decide whether they want additional packaging of the product.  
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