The everyday small helpers - mix and match

Beautiful kitchen textiles drying nicely and efficiently make everyday life a little easier. At Georg Jensen Damask, you can find dish towels, napkins and cloths in cotton and flax closely matched in colours that complement each other and can be mixed. For all of them, design and functionality go together which makes them as practical to use as they are beautiful to look at.

Herringbone on the table

HERRINGBONE is a quality in the collection from Georg Jensen Damask which is available both as table runner and placemat. The design is based on a solid herringbone weaving giving a rustic yet elegant expression to the classic herringbone. HERRINGBONE comes in three beautiful colours: Winetasting, Asphalt and Deep Blue. HERRINGBONE is woven in 100% cotton and costs 60 EUR for table runners in the size 44x150 cm and 16 EUR for placemats in the size 36x50 cm.

Everyday hero in flax - LINEN dishcloth

The LINEN-series in 100% flax fits perfectly into any kitchen because of the natural, antiseptic qualities of the material. Flax absorbs and releases moisture faster than other textiles which ensures exceptional abilities to dry quickly and make them easy to wring out. Also, flax is a very durable material which becomes softer every time it is washed, making LINEN one of the little helpers making everyday life a little easier. LINEN flax cloths come in two colours, Deep Blue and Walnut which have been closely matched with the HERRINGBONE series together with which the flax cloths are suitable as an everyday napkin. LINEN dish cloths costs 16 EUR for two pieces. The series also includes tea towels which cost 19 EUR.
The kitchen towel EGYPT has been created by the Danish designer Christine Raundahl. EGYPT is a classic in the Georg Jensen Damask collection and with its beautiful pattern it matches the kitchen textiles in the collection, both in hue and expression. Egypt now available in three new colours; Blue Silver, Winetasting and Jade Green – all three creates an elegant entirety in any kitchen. EGYPT has been woven in 100% cotton and costs 15 EUR.
Horizontal lines - HORIZONTAL
Check patterns and lines in the kitchen is a classic element bringing back fond memories. On the new dish cloth HORIZONTAL, the graphic lines run horizontally - hence the name. HORIZONTAL is at the same time a traditional and modern design and with a classic herringbone weaving it enjoys an illustrious history. HORIZONTAL is a woven flax and cotton blend which makes it dry quickly and durable while at the same time adorning the kitchen, both when in use and when hanging to dry. Comes in the colours Walnut, Asphalt and Deep Blue at 16 EUR.

As the name suggests, the colours are the bearing element in the design for the COLOURBLOCK tea towel. The pattern in each dish towel is made up by larger fields in complimentary shades of the same colour, which both complement each other as well as the other colours in the collection. The structure in the pattern itself is made up by beautiful large colour fields which help emphasize the quality and character of the weaving. COLOURBLOCKS is offered in three wonderful colours: Winetasting, Asphalt and Deep Blue and costs 16 EUR.