Soft and gentle everyday luxury
A wash cloth is a practical everyday luxury that is mainly used to wash the face and body. Our soft wash cloths are woven in the familiar damask you know from our terry collection. The thick terry makes the wash cloths a pleasure to touch and ideal for all forms of cleaning and washing that call for a soft, gentle cloth. For example, those morning rituals which require soft luxury? Or for family outings when you need a little everyday luxury? The wash cloths are available in a 32x32 cm size, making them easy and convenient to take on the go. The wash cloths are adorned with a woven Georg Jensen Damask logo as an extra stylish detail in the design.

Stylish luxury in everyday life
In our terry collection, you’ll find a wide range of luxurious wash cloths in a variety of timeless colours. The extensive range of colours makes it possible to match the wash cloths with the collection’s other towels, guest towels, bath towels and bath mats, creating a unified colour palette in your bathroom textiles. If you prefer a more vibrant look, simply mix and match to create contrasts. Whatever your preferences, it doesn’t take much to change the style of your bathroom. Often, just a few simple additions are required. Experiment and create colour combinations that reflect
your personal style.
Besides having many practical features, our wash cloths also stand out for their long-lasting durability. They can be quickly washed and reused many times – in fact, the drying properties of these wash cloths only improve the more that they are used. A practical everyday luxury that lasts – both in design and durability.

A good tip
Wash cloths are primarily practical items meant for daily use, but they can also be the perfect luxury addition to a bathroom on special occasions. For example, you could roll up wash cloths decoratively in a basket and use them as individual guest towels next time you invite friends or family over for dinner. A small touch which is familiar from hotels or spa breaks and one that your guests will certainly appreciate. The wash cloths also make an ideal choice for a thoughtful gift. Next time you’re invited to dinner, why not use them as an alternative to a bouquet of flowers?

Wash and care
We always recommend that you start by soaking your new wash cloths in cold water for about 1 hour before washing them for the first time. After soaking, wash them at 60° C. This way you optimise your wash cloths’ drying capacity from the very beginning. This process also contributes to making the loops expand, which minimises the risk of the wash cloths’ threads becoming snagged. We also recommend that you avoid using fabric softener when washing your wash cloths. Fabric softener forms a residue around the fibres and reduces drying capacity.