Bent Georg Jensen.

Bent Georg Jensen – history and design heritage

Two objects in particular carry special meaning for what is at the heart of Georg Jensen Damask. An oak loom that has been in the company's ownership since the 16th century, and which serves as a daily reminder of our roots. And a well-preserved design archive with parchment sketches, weaving samples and finished designs stretching back to the early 20th century and into the present day.

The shelves of the archive are a treasure trove of textiles in a wealth of colours and patterns. Time and again, when we delve into history and explore the different decades, we are drawn to designs that turn out to carry the signature of Bent Georg Jensen: the weaver and textile engineer who headed Georg Jensen Damask for more than half a century, and who has left behind a legacy in the world of textile design that is on par with that of the greatest Danish furniture designers from the Golden Age of Danish design during the 1950s and 60s.

Originally, Bent Georg Jensen was not intended to take over the family company. But when his older brother died just after the Second World War, the task fell to him instead. A trained weaver with a masterful eye for details, Bent Georg soon became the driving force in the company's design development. His profound insight into the craft combined with a creative artistic mind and an eye for ageless quality helped define the spirit that continues to guide Georg Jensen Damask to this day.
In 1999, with regret, Bent Georg Jensen had to sell the family company to an investment fund, thus becoming the last owner from the Georg Jensen family. In 2003, however, when Georg Jensen Damask once again became a family-owned company Bent Georg Jensen's contact with the company was renewed, and he even picked up the pencil again to design additional Georg Jensen Damask designs, with TRIPP bed linen from 2011 as his final contribution.

Another lasting legacy is Georg Jensen Damask's close ties to weavers, architects and designers. Under Bent Georg Jensen's both gentle and firm gaze, a wide range of beautiful damask designs took form, all based on the traditional craft, and even if he generally took the lead in this collaboration in order to secure the design legacy, he also considered it a virtue to highlight the creative minds behind the design.

From his own mind sprang a large number of designs, which light up the shelves of the design archive. Like the classic bed linen design NORTHERN LIGHT from 1991, which is now being revived, and which, like the KUBUS pattern is a beautiful example of a legacy design from the master's own hand that fits right into a contemporary damask collection.
NORTHERN LIGHT bed linen og KUBUS bedspread.