Many of us dream of creating a luxurious hotel atmosphere at home in our own bedroom – but how? Watch the film below and be inspired to arrange your bed so that it’s nice and sharp. We have arranged the bed with our popular and classic FACET bedlinen, designed by Jette Nevers in the 1980s. The geometric shapes create a calm and harmonious expression that fits perfectly when you want to create a luxurious hotel atmosphere. The white colour supports the beautiful weaving, and the latter is further emphasised by the dark surfaces of the room. Consider painting a wall in one colour or combine it with a headboard or a bedside table in a darker colour. Use several pillows, preferably in contrasting colours. With us, pillows and duvet are available separately so you have the flexibility to choose more than one colour and size.

Have fun – and sleep well.

To create your own hotel atmosphere, you’ll need:

•  FACET bed linen, 2 sets in White
•  FACET pillowcases, 2 in a Quartz colour
•  Sheets in White
•  Flowers and a vase
•  Books and magazines