We spend many hours in our bedroom and fortunately, it has evolved into one of the important rooms in the house when talking about décor. Never before has there been so much focus on the colours of walls, beautiful headboards and bedspreads. We have also recently added new textiles to the bedroom, so it is now possible to allow the textiles to create the mood in your bedroom.

Watch the film – and see how your bedroom can be given a cosy décor by using textiles and a few well-chosen accessories. Remember that the bedroom is a room where we go for peace and quiet, so be careful not to fill it with too many unnecessary and distracting things.

We have used the following to style the bedroom:

•   ENGESVIK by hand bed linen, Jade Green
•  Canvas woven sheet, White
•  KUBUS bedspread, Castlerock
•  Fresh flowers or plants
•  Mirror with jewellery box
•  Wall decoration
•  Armchair

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