Inspiration for the wedding

Are you about to throw a wedding? You are probably planning a large party or gathering inspiration. The table decoration is a very important element because it sets the atmosphere at the party – and you can decorate the table exactly how you like and create the exact atmosphere you want. This is our suggestion for the wedding table:

Furthermore, we have selected a few presents to write on the wish list – a couple of designs, which are very popular for the bride and groom to be, and something they can use in the years to come.

Here you will find inspiration for a table setting where flowers are in the centre. Each cover is decorated with a small flower that creates a connection with the long table flower centrepiece. For the time being, flowers and many colours are trending. We have chosen pink hydrangea combined with eucalyptus branches. However, you can choose any flowers you like. If the flowers have to be on the table for a long time it is a very good idea to attach the flowers in small bowls with floral foam. Soak floral foam in water, and cut pieces to fit inside each bowl.

We have chosen a white tablecloth, napkins and tableware because it gives the table a light and summery look, which is often the look used for wedding tables. Further, the white look makes the table decorations stand out and the gold cutlery gives the table a glowing warmth.

Psst! – you can use the inspiration for your summer party, birthday party or any other celebration.  

Napkin Folding

We have placed a simple but beautiful napkin on the plate. A single pocket napkin fold, which creates a pocket where you can insert the menu (cutlery,  place cards, table decorations etc.). Read how easy it is or see the step-by-step pictures:

Start with the napkin prefolded as a square. Fold three of the loose corners down over the middle to make a stepped family corners. Tuck each side under the napkin. Insert the cutlery

The step-by-step pictures show how easy it is.

Place cards

Place cards do not have to be a complicated affair. Print your own place cards - for example in simple types (use the same types for the menu), and cut a small twig, to which you attach the place card. Simple and elegant.

To set the wedding table you need:

•  White table cloth, SNOWFLAKES, designed by Jette Nevers – damask-woven of 100% Egyptian cotton
•  White DAMASK NAPKINS, damask-woven of 100% Egyptian cotton
•    Flowers and branches
•    White table ware and wine glasses
•    Gold cutlery
•    Small Vase
•    Place cards and menu


Both when you make a wish list for your wedding, and also when you give the bridal couple a gift, it should be of good quality so it will last in the years to come. This is why the wedding present often is one of our classics like FACET bed lined - woven in  100% Egyptian cotton. We have lost count of how many times we have wrapped this particular bed linen in a white box for the bride and groom to be. The same is true of DAMASK FROTTÈ – which is a classic in the white colour. A gift, which can easily be adjusted to individual budgets, because it comes in 4 different sizes and prices.

•  Gift idea bed linen – FACET in white, designed by Jette Nevers – damask-woven 100% Egyptian cotton
•  Gift idea Terry Towels, DAMASK TERRY, woven of double-thread 100% combed, cotton yarn

Psst! – you can use the inspiration for your summer party, birthday party or any other celebration.