Cooking and eating outdoors brings people together and makes the meal a special experience, says chef and cookbook writer Mikkel Karstad.

In the video, where we present the Spring/Summer news, chef and cookbook author Mikkel Karstad makes a delicious dinner. He shares his very own recipe for steamed mussels – an easy, fast, healthy and cheap dinner for the whole family.
The rag rug is a special product in every way: It not only reduces waste in our textile production, but it also has an interesting history.

For actress Ellen Hillingsø, spring and light bring a whole new energy. This year, the brighter days mean something very special.
Washing and caring for your bed linen in the right way helps prolong its life – and keeps the textiles in the best possible condition. And it also ensures that you sleep in a healthy bed.
A refreshing start to the day is a matter of course for most people, but the daily bath or shower hasn’t always been a natural part of our lives.