We have always woven with linen at Georg Jensen Damask. This strong and beautiful material was the only thing we used for over a hundred years, until cotton found its way to Denmark."

Cooking and eating outdoors brings people together and makes the meal a special experience, says chef and cookbook writer Mikkel Karstad.

A refreshing start to the day is a matter of course for most people, but the daily bath or shower hasn’t always been a natural part of our lives.
At Georg Jensen Damask, we have our own sewing workshop where we sew textiles in custom sizes. If you need a longer tablecloth or a wider duvet cover, we’re more than happy to thread our needles.

The rag rug is a special product in every way: It not only reduces waste in our textile production, but it also has an interesting history.

No matter where your holiday in Denmark takes you, soft woven textiles can help create the perfect summer ambience – along with ice cream, sandy beaches and chilled rosé.

If you’re lucky, you’ll still have some berries in your garden, and the very last ones should be used in something delicious. Bake a galette – a rustic French tart – with blackberries, cherries or any other delicious berries.

Washing and caring for your bed linen in the right way helps prolong its life – and keeps the textiles in the best possible condition. And it also ensures that you sleep in a healthy bed.

In the video, where we present the Spring/Summer news, chef and cookbook author Mikkel Karstad makes a delicious dinner. He shares his very own recipe for steamed mussels – an easy, fast, healthy and cheap dinner for the whole family.
Lovely details and high ceilings characterise the room that architect and designer Cecilie Milsted has decorated for her son. Here, the few items are of a quality that will last for many years.  

With the proper care, your tablecloths will look as good as new for years to come. Here is our guide to getting the best out of all woven tablecloths.

For actress Ellen Hillingsø, spring and light bring a whole new energy. This year, the brighter days mean something very special.