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LINEN tea towels Blue Shadow
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LINEN tea towels Blue Shadow
LINEN tea towels Blue Shadow

LINEN tea towels Blue Shadow

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Design: Georg Jensen Damask

This is a waffle woven tea towel made of finest 100% linen, which combines aesthetic and functionality. Linen is an antiseptic material, which is particularly resistant to dirt and stains. It’s ideal for use in the kitchen, as it absorbs and releases moisture faster than any other textile. And above all, looks beautiful together with the rustic look of the weave.

LINEN was designed by the design duo Salto who, based on a joint mission to make linen popular again, worked in close collaboration with Georg Jensen Damask’s own design team to connect the past with the future. Previously, all of our products were woven in linen, and our vast experience in weaving, combined with Rikke and Kasper Salto’s simple and modern approach to design and colour schemes, has led to the creation of several classic linen products.

The Blue Shadow colour of this linen tea towel gives it a beautiful, subdued hint of colour that harmonises with the classic kitchen. This elegant LINEN tea towel only gets softer with use and grows old gracefully. The expression is completed by matching dishcloths in the same exquisite quality of linen.  

The size of the tea towel is 50x70 cm

About Linen tea towels
  • Weaved in 100% linen

  • Wash at 60°C

Good advice
  • Soak the tea towel in cold water for 24 hours and then wash at 60°C. This allows the fibres to straighten out and ensures good drying efficiency from the start.

  • REMEMBER to fold out the tea towel completely prior to soaking.

  • We recommend that you drip-dry the tea towel, as it gives a smoother finish and is better for the environment; the product can also tolerate tumble-drying.

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About Damask

Georg Jensen Damask is a culture bearer within Danish design tradition as well as the history of craft. Our history is built on proud weaving traditions since 1756, but members of the family behind Georg Jensen Damask have been weavers all the way back to the 1500s.  The weaving is based on a classic design with a focus on functionality and quality both back then and today.

Throughout times we have worked together with some of the most acknowledged weavers, designers and architects, for example Arne Jacobsen, Cecilie Manz, Andreas Engesvik, Margrethe Odgaard and Nanna Ditzel. Furthermore, we have been involved in several projects with the Royal Danish Court and we are proud to call ourselves Purveyor to Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark.

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