Advice on size

Guidance and direction on tablecloth sizes

We recommend using approximately 20 - 25 cm of overlap on all sides so the tablecloth hangs in attractive folds. Please note that the measurements shown, indicate the size of the tablecloth after three washes, as shrinkage has been taken into account.

If your table measures 1 x 2 meters, for example, we recommend that you choose size 140 x 240, but the amount of overlap is, of course, a matter of personal taste.

If you cannot find the size you want among our standard tablecloth sizes, we can offer to sew you a damask tablecloth to measure. Please contact us on +45 75 52 27 00 for a price.

We also recommend that you use an underlay beneath your damask tablecloth to protect your table against stains, to prevent the tablecloth from slipping and sliding and to ensure that it lies neatly on the table with beautiful, soft folds.

Good advice on bed linen size

140 x 200 cm is the standard size on a single duvet cover on the Danish market, and 60 x 63 cm is a standard pillow size. If you have an extra-long length on your duvet cover choose 140 x 220 cm.

Remember when ordering – duvet covers and pillowcases are ordered separately – which gives you the chance to mix and match your bedding, as you like.

Advice on sheet size

We offer sheets in various sizes and designs.

This is a standard flat sheet, which is typically used when having a bedframe, where you simply spread the sheet, fold the corners around the mattress and tuck the ends of the sheet between the mattress and the bedframe.
The standard flat sheet is also available in kids’ size 100 x 160 cm - for both baby and junior beds.

Sheet for box mattress
There are two heights on our sheets for box mattresses. The heights are 25 cm and 35 cm, which is equivalent to the height of your mattress. Some customers use a box sheet together with an envelope sheet; this means that each mattress has its own sheet. The standard height of the box mattress is 25 cm, others use one sheet for both box mattress and sheet pad and the typical height will be 35 cm.

Envelope sheet
An envelope sheet is used as sheet pad; many people combine it with a separate sheet for the box mattress.

We recommend you to measures your mattress just in case before ordering. There are many different sizes on the market.  If you cannot find anything that fits, we offer sheets tailored according to your needs. Do not hesitate to call us or send us an email to and we will find a solution and a price together.