Merchandiser - Jane

Below, you will find all of Jane’s employee favourites. Read on and be inspired by designs both new and old.
FACET for the double duvet Quarts
Double duvet cover and two pillowcases
In stock
Facecloths Slate
Size 32 x 32
In stock
Facecloths Dusty Army
Size 32 x 32
In stock
The FACET bed linen in the colour of Quartz is an obvious favourite in the home of our Merchandiser Jane. Particularly because of the classic design, which characterises Georg Jensen Damask so well. The colour fits in perfectly in Jane’s home, and the diminutive pattern of the design provides the perfect softness.

The beautiful COLOURS tea towels in classic Nordic colours are another of Jane’s favourites. “I'm certain that they would be able to spruce up any kitchen. There is a lot going on in the pattern department, and the colours are both warm and beautiful.”

Many of Jane’s favourites are to be found in the kitchen. This applies to the LINEN dishcloths for example, which are characterised by their strong quality of linen and unique suction capacity. Furthermore, they are easy to wring out and therefore dry quickly – perfect for kitchen work.

The numerous chores of the kitchen demand textiles with optimal drying capacity and durable quality. The EGYPT kitchen towels are therefore also a classic in Jane’s home, where they are used for several different functions. The kitchen towels are not only suitable for drying purposes. They may be usefully applied to wrap around freshly baked bread as a napkin, as a cover for buns while they are rising or folded up in the breadbasket as an attractive base.

Jane likes to use these beautiful kitchen towels as small guest towels in the bathroom. They are both pleasant on the skin and have an excellent drying capacity, which only improves with time. The EGYPT kitchen towels are a gorgeous everyday luxury for creating a hotel atmosphere in the bathroom.  

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