Pernille, Henrik and Gitte are just some of the names that were woven into our hand towels in the ’70s. With a myriad of designs over the years, many of our customers who buy name towels today also had a name towel when they were children - and they would now like to give a name towel to their own children or grandchildren.

When we re-launched the name towels in 2013, the idea was that they should only be available for a limited period while celebrating Bent Georg Jensen’s 90th birthday. But the success knew no end and since then we have received an annual 2 deliveries per year of these iconic name towels.

The name towels are only produced to order. This means that we collect orders during a 2-3 month period, where our customers decide (by using up to 14 characters for a name) what is written on the towel. The loom must then be set-up according to each of the ordered names and this means that the production time is longer of course.

At the moment, we are using the SQUARE design for our name towels. Bent Georg Jensen designed SQUARE in 1970, at that time it was known as TERN. The towel is composed of two shades of grey and is as always, woven in 100% Egyptian cotton. SQUARE can be ordered right here.