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Weaved from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, and designed by a Danish-Icelandic ceramist, Thora Finnsdóttir, who is known for breaking conventions, the FINNSDÓTTIR tablecloth will bring a simple, refined style to your home this Christmas.

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With the new OLDER PARIS bedding collection from Georg Jensen Damask, you are invited into a complete new world when it comes to bedding textiles. OLDER PARIS sets a new agenda for bedding textiles by merging fashion uniforms from the haute cuisine world with textile design.

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Welcome to the AW18 collection

As always, our collection is characterised by classic and functional design of a very high quality. All our textiles are made to be used on an everyday basis but at the same time we pay great attention to design and colour schemes.

This season, we introduce darker tones of green combined with grey and navy. In the AW18 collection, we are also launching our collaboration with the design duo OLDER Paris who presents their interpretation of a modern, yet classic bed linen. The FINNSDÓTTIR tablecloth is launched in a new colour in a limited edition, and new colours on tablecloths, tea towels, pillows and throws are also available this season.

The EASTER collection celebrates 40 years

Georg Jensen Damask celebrates the 40-year anniversary of the immortal EASTER collection created by one of Denmark’s most well-known weavers and textile designers, Bodil Bødtker-Næss. In the anniversary version, a new contemporary shade has been added, which Georg Jensen Damask refers to as Lemon Curd, and the tone features a warm and neutral yellow.

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Green is in the air

Georg Jensen Damask goes green in the kitchen and bathroom when spring bursts.The global urban gardening movement is here to stay, even indoor. Never have interior décors been more lush with indoor plants and even indoor greenhouses. A source list for the kitchen can be plants, small indoor tabletop greenhouses for which you can add an indoor set of garden tools.

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Hand-drawn bedding by Andreas Engesvik

Georg Jensen Damask launches a new colour to the BY HAND bedding designed by Norway’s most prominent designer, Andreas Engesvik. The bedding collection adds itself to the collection carrying the same name of tablecloths, runners and place mats launched a few years ago. The beautifully damask woven textile features an elegant pattern of hand-drawn lines featuring the aesthetics of everyday life.

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Welcome to the spring and summer collection 2018

As always, classic and functional design of a high quality characterises our collection. Our textiles are not only beautiful to look at they are also made to be used on an everyday basis. For this reason, we call it everyday luxury. This season, we are launching new designs and relaunching designs from our past, as well as adding new colours to some of our classics. And last but not least, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of our characteristic yellow EASTER tablecloth, which is now available in a new colour.

Christmas with Finnsdóttir

Georg Jensen Damask’s Christmas tablecloth has been a classic in the collection since 1975, and has become a permanent fixture of the Christmas table arrangements in many Danish homes. This Christmas, Georg Jensen Damask is adding a new design to the collection, which is the brainchild of the ceramist and artist, Thora Finnsdóttir. The design is based on Thora’s design language and combines history and the present day in the most delightful way in two elegant colours – one light and one dark.

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This Autumn’s home accessories

Soon it will be time for soft blankets, a cup of hot tea and candles when the dark months of the Autumn are upon us. This autumn, Georg Jensen Damask will launch a number of home accessories in soft velour and warm knitwear which have been designed to create a good fit in the different parts of the home. PEARL, KUBUS and COSY COTTON are a series of pillows, bedspreads, and plaids in muted Autumn shades which beautifully compliment each other’s textures and colours and add a touch of everyday luxury in the bedroom and living room.

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New life for Arne Jacobsen

Since it was launched in 2002, the ARNE JACOBSEN collection from Georg Jensen Damask has been among the most beloved and popular designs. New life has been brought to the existing collection with the addition of a new design, YPSILON linen. At the same time, the popular table cloth in the collection has been launched in a coated damask quality which guarantees Arne Jacobsen a place at the dining table for many years to come.

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The everyday small helpers - mix and match

Beautiful kitchen textiles drying nicely and efficiently make everyday life a little easier. At Georg Jensen Damask, you can find dish towels, napkins and cloths in cotton and flax closely matched in colours that complement each other and can be mixed. For all of them, design and functionality go together which makes them as practical to use as they are beautiful to look at.

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Our collection – our past and present –

The essence of the AW17 collection is as always classic and functional design of the highest quality, which is our trademark and at the heart of our brand. This collection adds new chapters to our design history, which already includes many newer designs as well as well-known classics lasting through generations. We are looking forward to introducing AW17, surprise you with new designs as well as giving new life to existing designs from our collection.

Rain - Cecilie Manz’ interpretation of the classic, checked tea towel

Rain is woven in 100% linen – a material that Cecilie Manz loves. She has a partiality to the natural flax colour, which in this case is woven with a single white thread to create a living and dappled surface. Manz´ elegant lines woven in a classic kitchen blue, which gives a beautiful interaction between the soft fabric and the graphic design, accompany the surface. A beautiful design in all its simplicity, which appears elegant together with other textiles or separately.

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Elegant and informal summer with linen

To set a table and make an effort, whether it is just for you or for your guests, is a pleasure, which creates the atmosphere around the table. A well-set table provides the right setting and atmosphere, and come off on the good company on both weekdays and on special occasions. Georg Jensen Damask is launching the beautiful PLAIN linen tablecloth with matching napkins and draws a satin woven emphasis on the fact that is must be both easy and straightforward to set an elegant dinner table.

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Functional everyday classics

Base bags are a novelty in the Georg Jensen Damask collection, which expands its selection of everyday accessories, created out of consideration for the need in the everyday life, they have to fulfil. As the name indicates, the BASE bags design based on the basic everyday life, which consists of functional and simple designs, which of course is machine washable.

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Our collection, our heritage

Linen is a part of our origin and our pride. Back in the 19th century, Georg Jensen Damask wove everything in linen. Jet again we present a linen woven collection as a tribute to our past. Linen is a part of our DNA, and the well-known damask woven quality is a leading part of our identity. Both have a huge space in our hearts and in our SS17 collection.

Flowers and Easter colours

The archive at Georg Jensen Damask is filled with iconic classics and great retro designs. Designs which will last and which tell history. This spring Georg Jensen Damask set about one of the most popular designs from the archives and re-launches the floral tablecloth DAISY in a new wonderful summer colour.

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Elegant knit for the cold days

When the cold grabs a hold and gives your cheeks a slight frostbite there is nothing better to tuck on the couch with a warm and soft throw. Naturally, knitwear is very popular both as art ware and as a part of the décor. FLECKED, WAFFLE and PEARL is a series of pillows and throws which you can mix and match.

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