Susanne Nors

Kitchen classics in quality cotton

Fifty per cent cotton, fifty per cent linen. That is the traditional formula for tea towels from Georg Jensen Damask, and we love the exquisite quality it brings. With the NORS design, we are introducing a new classic in 100 % cotton. One of our key values is to lead the way in design and quality with regard to craftsmanship, materials and essential details. In this regard, NORS represents the pinnacle of textile art.

The Danish textile designer Susanne Nors worked experimentally at the loom to create a tea towel in an exclusive cotton quality that offers the same high degree of absorption as our traditional tea towels. She studied the properties of cotton yarn, examined different weaves and their properties, explored three-dimensional structures and wove hundreds of samples with inspiration from historical books on weaving techniques to test which combinations would provide the most absorbent fabric.
In her work, Susanne Nors is driven by a dual focus on functionality and aesthetic sustainability, which favours fewer but better designs with a built-in sense of timelessness and tactile qualities. With its combination of multiple weaving techniques and thoroughly tested quality, the NORS tea towel is a small woven work of art that is a source of beauty and a daily pleasure to use.

Once the NORS tea towel had found its final form, the textile artist continued her experimentation to develop a high-quality cotton dish cloth. This time, her experiments involved knit fabrics, because a dish cloth has to be even more absorbent than a tea towel. The result is the NORS dish cloth, which has a waffle structure that creates little pockets capable of holding water. The pattern is equally beautiful on both sides, eliminating the notion of front and reverse, and the delicate border further enhances the aesthetic.

NORS is a story of cotton experiments that connects past experience with contemporary needs and brings out the excellent qualities of cotton.