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How to ensure healthy, sound sleep

Washing and caring for your bed linen in the right way helps prolong its life – and keeps the textiles in the best possible condition. And it also ensures that you sleep in a healthy bed.

Here are our top tips:

Our bed linen is woven from long-fibre cotton, which makes it durable and able to withstand repeated laundering. To get rid of dust mites, cotton bed linen and sheets should be laundered at 60 degrees. Bed linen can be tumble dried, but we recommend hanging it out to dry, as this gives a smoother result and is better for the environment. Let it dry in the shade, as direct sunlight can damage and fade textiles.

We have developed a special detergent – free of perfumes, colourants or optical brighteners. Damawash preserves the colours of bed linen and sheets, and also helps refresh textiles whose colour has faded.







Turning your bed linen inside out before washing protects the fabric and prevents unnecessary wear on the seams.

To maintain a clean and healthy bed, it is a good idea to shake out your bed linen outdoors as often as possible. It is also a good idea to brush your sheets with your hand every day and to let the bed ‘evaporate out’ before pulling up the duvet or bedspread.









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