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How to wash and care for your tablecloth

With the proper care, your tablecloths will look as good as new for years to come. Here is our guide to getting the best out of all woven tablecloths.
There are many things you can do to get the most out of your tablecloths for years to come. First and foremost, we recommend that you always follow the instructions on the care label, and if you also follow our other tips, it will be even easier to take good care of your woven tablecloth.
When the tablecloth is dirty and needs washing, it is important that you unfold it completely before putting it in the washing machine – while also making sure not to overfill the machine. An overfilled machine can result in textiles not being properly cleaned.

If you want to take particularly good care of your tablecloth, we recommend using DAMAWASH, our specially developed detergent that is 100% free of fragrance, dyes and optical brighteners. In addition to keeping your tablecloth clean, it protects and restores the intensity of the colours. In general, avoid using fabric softener, optical brighteners and bleach as they cause unnecessary wear on the textiles, and always hang your tablecloth to dry as it gives a smoother result and is better for the environment.
Find more care advice for our various woven tablecloths here.

PLAIN is a tablecloth woven from 100% linen.
How to care for it:
The flax fibres can be washed clean at 40°C, so if there are no stains then there is no need to wash the tablecloth at a higher temperature. The material can withstand temperatures of up to 60°C, but under normal circumstances this is not necessary.
After washing, stretch the tablecloth gently into shape.
For a smoother tablecloth, we recommend washing it at a low spin speed – max. 600-800 rpm. Then hang the tablecloth to dry and iron while still slightly damp.


Our damask-weave tablecloths are made of 100% Egyptian two-ply combed cotton.
How to care for it:
Machine wash at 60°C. Washing at 60°C opens up the cotton fibres and washes them clean. Many people think they are protecting the tablecloth by washing at 40°C, but our damask-weave tablecloths are made to withstand a higher temperature.
Stretch the tablecloth gently into shape after washing, and if needed, iron while it is still slightly damp to achieve a smoother result.

Our Damask tablecloth with coated surface is made of 100% cotton and is protected with an acrylic coating.
How to care for it:
Wash the tablecloth at 30°C with a bleach-free detergent for coloured textiles.
Use a delicate wash cycle or lower spin speed, as this will result in fewer creases.
Let the tablecloth drip dry – preferably over a wide drying rack or a hanging rod to prevent folds in the tablecloth. If your table will not be damaged by moisture, you can place the tablecloth directly on the table after washing.
Always iron on the back of the tablecloth, either with or without steam, but not at the hottest setting. 150°C or 2 dots is sufficient. Iron while the tablecloth is still slightly damp. Not suitable for rotary irons.

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