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The rag rug is a special product in every way: It not only reduces waste in our textile production, but also has an interesting history that began in wealthy Swedish homes.
Woven rag rugs are still as relevant in our interior decor today as they were in the mid-19th century, when people began weaving them.
The history of the rag rug dates back to the castles and manor houses of Sweden, where the rugs were a kind of status symbol. At that time, textiles were a very expensive commodity, and laying textiles on the floor was therefore considered very extravagant.
The rag rugs were woven from old and worn clothes or aprons, which were cut or torn into strips and then woven together by the women. The art of weaving was passed on from mother to daughter. It was often a family project, where the children of the house helped tear and roll the fabric for production, which typically occurred over the winter.






By the end of the 19th century, rag rugs had become widespread and were no longer found only in sophisticated homes. It was probably around this time that people also started weaving rag rugs in Denmark.
At Georg Jensen Damask, we still see rag rugs as a fantastic product that reflects our unwavering focus on ensuring sustainable textile production. We endeavour to minimise waste, and our rag rug is woven from leftover fabric from the production of e.g. tea towels, sheets and kimonos, which are torn up and woven together.
“I am delighted that we are able to recycle leftover fabric and turn it into a product that everyone loves. It is important for us to upcycle,” says Christian Borch, Head of Product Creation at Georg Jensen Damask.
Despite its long history, the rag rug is a very contemporary product that fits beautifully into the home or the holiday cottage, adding a light and cosy feel to any room.
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