Product Controller - Alice

Below, you will find all of Alice’s employee favourites. Read on and be inspired by designs both new and old.
The white SNOWFLAKE tablecloth is a particular favourite of our Product Controller Alice. “The design of the tablecloth is simple yet provided with stylish detail by the fine white snowflakes. ”At the same time, the simple pattern of the tablecloth makes it easy to set a beautiful table, and it is suitable for virtually all colours and forms of service.

The FACET bed linen in Powder Blue is an obvious hit in the bedroom. “The design is really gorgeous and comes even more into its own when the bed linen is put on the duvet.”

The classic ABILD tea towels are a favourite in the kitchen at Alice’s house. “The tea towel has a simple and elegant design that will undoubtedly fit into any kitchen.”

In addition to the ABILD tea towels, the EGYPT kitchen towels are also to be found in Alice's kitchen. This is because the solid-coloured pattern is rustic and stylish – and the soft cotton quality is suitable for use as both a towel and tea towel.

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