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Double duvet cover and two pillowcases

EUR 235

EUR 141

Design by Georg Jensen Damask

Percale is a classic and simple design woven in 100% organic cotton. The dense percale weave is durable and breathable, and the bed linen supports a good night’s sleep. The fabric is both crisp and soft and has a light and natural crease.

Weaving since 1756

Georg Jensen Damask has been weaving textiles since 1756. Every day we strive to continue the weaving craft, develop our expertise and to create textile designs that bring quality and aesthetics together as one. We design and weave practical textiles for your home, from tablecloths, towels and tea towels to bed linen and nightwear.

Classic craftsmanship & quality

Classic craftsmanship & quality

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In a percale weave, the yarns go one-under-one-over, creating a tight-knit structure that is smooth and soft. Percale-weave bed linen and sheets are crisp to the touch and get softer with every wash. We recommend leaving the bed linen to dry naturally after washing, as this is best for both the textiles and the environment.



Our own in-house design team

At Georg Jensen Damask, we have our own in-house design team that is continuously working to renew our collection of textiles.