Puk Lippmann

Puk Lippmann trained as a weaver at the Vibeke Klint studio from 1967 to 1970. Puk Lippmann weaves craft textiles and unique products as well as she designs industrial textiles.

Puk Lippmann takes a great part in the further developing of Danish weaving traditions to promote the importance of craft as a permanent spatial and architectural element in our society. She considers handicrafts as a set and practical discipline, a craft as well as an art. Her works are always dictated by the purpose of the textile arising out of the various materials and techniques, that she selects for the specific design.

During the recent years, she had a focus on the architectural element in our society and worked to enhance its effects by new flat texture and colours. Her style is often accompanied by a strict and simple geometry, which together with outstanding craftsmen-like insight, in both techniques and materials, secure a high quality and a timeless design.

Puk Lippmann has received numerous awards and grants through the years and she has exhibited her works both in Denmark and abroad.

Puk Lippmann has created designs such as PUK napkins and DOTS bed linen for Georg Jensen Damask.
Puk Lippmann