Use the table runner to tell a story and set the atmosphere. There is something elegant about the elongated piece of fabric that in all its simplicity invites to various table arrangements.

A table runner is beautiful as a decoration and can be used lengthwise as such or crosswise for settings on opposite sides of the table. It is perfect for a more formal table arrangement on top of a tablecloth, where you can play with colours, structures and lines. You can use runners to emphasise an attractive dining table and finish up with place settings opposite one another. Two and two in beautiful harmony. Alternatively, just a single table runner for a romantic breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The exclusive table runners from Georg Jensen Damask are often based on the tablecloths that over the years have proven especially popular and classic in their expression. You can, therefore, choose to combine a tablecloth and table runner for a serene overall result or combine several designs and colours, resulting in a unique look.