Seamstress – Susanne

Below, you will find all of Susanne's employee favourites. Read on and be inspired by designs both new and old.
BECKER 63 tea towels Navy
Linen / Cotton
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OLDER for the double duvet  Navy
Double duvet cover and two pillowcases
In stock
The BECKER tea towel is a particular favourite in the home of our seamstress Susanne. This is, among other things, due to the gorgeous graphic pattern, the wear-resistant quality and, not least, the tea towel’s durability. Many of Susanne’s BECKER tea towels are actually over 40 years old.

The NANNA DITZEL damask tablecloth in Mineral Blue is also among the favourites, as both the colour and pattern always look beautiful. The gorgeous, simple design of the tablecloth is suitable for any table and may be used for numerous occasions.
However, as in many other Danish homes and true to tradition, the Christmas tablecloth is always on display in Susanne’s house around December time. This is where both the classic red and the newer version in blue are allowed to adorn the table - there would be no Christmas without the Christmas tablecloth!

The new OLDER bed linen in blue and white stripes is also to be found in Susanne’s bedroom. “I received the OLDER bed linen as a present on my 60th birthday. I’ve worked here for many years and this bed linen really stands out from many of the other designs we've had in our collections.”

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