Set the summer table

Is there anything better than warm nights where you take the party outside? It has a special atmosphere when all are gathered under the large tree in the garden, talking and drinking a glass of wine.

A little inspiration how to set the summer table in the garden: Tablecloth and napkins of 100% flax linen suit the garden table perfectly because the heavy fabric is draped around the table and moves beautifully in the wind. Decorate the table with flowers from the garden, alternatively buy some flowers and divide them into several vases. Save a few to place beside each cover.

We have set this table with white china, but you can also choose china in a different colour or ceramics - all depending on the atmosphere you want to create. As a contrast to the white china, we have set the table with smoked wine glasses and gold cutlery.  All you need is to invite the guests and serve some cold wine:

Get inspiration to set the table right here:

Get inspiration to set the table right here:
•  PLAIN tablecloth in 100% linen
•  PLAIN NAPKINS in 100% linen
•  Various Vases
•  Flowers – from the garden or the roadside
•  White china, gold cutlery and wine glasses

Psst! Here you will find a delicious homemade chilli mayo, , which you can serve with some bread, maybe as a small appetizer?