Sleep well in a peaceful and stress-free environment

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is a place where we relax, find peace and regain our energy. Most people enjoy the feeling of crawling under the duvet of a well-made bed, surrounded by soft bed linen that envelopes both the body and mind and allows complete relaxation. And as we spend many hours in the bedroom with the purpose of winding down, it is necessary to use quality textiles.

By focusing on the right elements, you can create an oasis of relaxation that oozes your own personal style and at the same time helps you achieve a gentle night's sleep. Watch the video for some inspiration on how to change the expression of your bedroom by using just a few elements.

We have made the bed using ENGESVIK by hand in the dark blue colour of Navy Blazer, which provides an elegant and sophisticated expression. The deep blue colour creates an expression of calm, which invokes thoughts of a clear night sky – ideal for the bedroom's focus on relaxation. The FACET bedspread, with its stylish geometric pattern, frames the interior, enveloping both the bed and bedroom and making them feel both luxurious and elegant. The icing on the cake is our addition of the PEARL and WAFFLE cushions in natural and subdued colours. Both of these cushions are knitted, but each one has its own unique structure, adding warmth and personality to the bedroom.
Dream yourself to a world of luxury softness that combines quality with practicality and helps you achieve a good night's sleep.

In the video we have used:
ENGESVIK by hand bed linen in Navy Blazer colour
FACET bed linen in Ecru/Black colour
PEARL cushions in Off-white colour
WAFFLE cushions in Navy colour