Sonia Brandes

Sonia Brandes (born 1946) was a trained schoolteacher but was only teaching for a year before she, as an autodidact visual artist chose to make the craftsmanship her living. Since her debut as an artist in 1972, she has performed paper cuttings as illustrations for a long series of literary works, from H.C.  Andersen fairy tales to fence middle-age poetry for the bible. The apparently straightforward and little naive character representations cover a very willful composition, which adds an extra dimension to the paper cuttings.

Years of experience, fantastic skillfulness and precision have made her paper cuttings something very special. With paper and a pair of scissors, she has for more than 40 years created stories which have been produced in many different materials. Her works are often and well-deserved, compared to the quality in the paper cuttings of H. C. Andersen, and especially motives from the H. C. Andersen fairy tale,  The Steadfast Tin Soldier, has been an inspiration for the design Fairytale by Sonia Brandes.

Sonia Brandes has designed FAIRYTALE bed linen for Georg Jensen Damask.