Standard sheet

Discover our exclusive range of quality sheets in 100% long-fibre cotton.

Everyday luxury at bedtime

Sheets play an important role in the comfort of our sleep, so your choice of new bedroom textiles is not unimportant. A wrinkled, messy sheet can quickly disrupt your sleep and be very annoying during the night. In our collection you will find an exclusive range of premium-quality sheets which will look amazing in your bedroom and help you get a good night’s sleep. All our sheets are solid and plain-woven, which increases their stability and means that they lie neatly, smoothly and in place – all night long. A soft and comfortable everyday luxury that brings elegance to the bedroom as it always sits neatly on the bed.

Standard sheets

A standard sheet, also known as a flat sheet, is a flat sheet which is typically used for beds with frames which gives you the option of folding and tucking the ends between the mattress and the bed frame. A standard sheet gives the bed an exclusive and luxurious look, while the plain weave provides exceptional durability. In the collection you will find a selection of regular sheets in various colours and sizes. For example, choose a dark blue sheet if you dream of creating tranquillity and depth in your bedroom, or opt for a timeless platinum-toned sheet that matches many different bed linens and bedspreads. Of course, you can also choose a stylish dark grey sheet, which adds a sophisticated look to the bedroom and creates a beautiful contrast to bed linen in brighter tones. In the collection you will also find the classic white sheet – a safe choice in every bedroom. A beautiful and simple design that completes the feeling of luxury in your bedroom.

Find the perfect sheet

Explore the collection and find the sheet that fits your bed – whether it's a double bed or a twin bed. If you are looking for a baby sheet for the smallest member of the family, you will also find our flat sheet in size 100 x 160 cm for a crib or cot. The white baby sheet is woven in the same exclusive quality as the rest of the sheet collection and completes the feeling of luxury in the nursery.
Is your mattress a size that does not match the sheets in our standard collection? We are happy to custom-sew your new sheet in a special size. Call + 45 75 52 27 00 or send an email to – together, we will find a solution and a price.