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STILL LIFE tablecloths Putty
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STILL LIFE tablecloths Putty
STILL LIFE tablecloths Putty

STILL LIFE tablecloths Putty

EUR 170.00

Design: Cecilie Manz

This is a sophisticated damask tablecloth with a fine attention to detail. With its reference to the still life painting of an artist, the tablecloth dresses the table with a decorative and rigorously composed aesthetic.

The design is by Cecilie Manz, who has made a significant impression on Danish design tradition. With the STILL LIFE tablecloth, she has created a refined geometric design with spaces of horizontal and vertical lines that repeat themselves. The result of this is a unique signature that is both classic and modern.

The aesthetics are further emphasised by the dusty putty colour. The tablecloth is a timeless element in table covering due to its subdued colour, which can be built on in a variety of styles. Matching napkins woven in linen complete the expression.

The collection also features RAIN tea towels by Cecilie Manz.

The STILL LIFE design is also available as napkins.

About Tablecloths:
  • 100% Egyptian cotton - double-twined and combed.

  • Wash at 60 °C. White damask products can be washed at 95 °C.

Good advice
  • Unfold product before washing and avoid overfilling the washing machine.

  • Stretch the product while wet.

  • We recommend line-drying, it gives a smoother result and it is better for the environment.

  • Always observe the washing instructions provided on the product. Wash at 60°C opens the cotton yarns and it becomes clean. Many people think that washing the tablecloth at 40 °C will make the product last longer, but the products are made for high temperature.

  • Choose tablecloth size: We recommend 20 to 30 cm drop to get the most beautiful look. For example if you have a table of 1 x 2 m vi recommend that the size of the tablecloth is 140 x 240 cm.

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About Damask

Georg Jensen Damask is a culture bearer within Danish design tradition as well as the history of craft. Our history is built on proud weaving traditions since 1756, but members of the family behind Georg Jensen Damask have been weavers all the way back to the 1500s.  The weaving is based on a classic design with a focus on functionality and quality both back then and today.

Throughout times we have worked together with some of the most acknowledged weavers, designers and architects, for example Arne Jacobsen, Cecilie Manz, Andreas Engesvik, Margrethe Odgaard and Nanna Ditzel. Furthermore, we have been involved in several projects with the Royal Danish Court and we are proud to call ourselves Purveyor to Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark.

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