Store Assistant Aarhus - Johanne

Below, you will find all of Johanne's employee favourites. Read on and be inspired by designs both new and old.
FLECKED throw Brown/Dark Grey
Wool / Cotton
Before EUR 200.00
In stock
FACET for the double duvet Quarts
Double duvet cover and two pillowcases
In stock
FACET for the double duvet White
Double duvet cover and two pillowcases
In stock
At the top of Store Assistant Johanne in Aarhus’ list of favourites are the KUBUS cushions and bedspread. “I can really recommend KUBUS in the soft velvet fabric. Both the cushions and bedspread are very smart in dark blue. It is a very classic design which I've been in love with since I started working here.”

Also on Johanne’s list of favourites are FACET bed linens in white and FACET Quarts, two new acquisitions that provide a genuine hotel feeling. “It's really amazing to sleep in, plus I also think it has a beautiful and timeless look. I like the pattern to be somewhat simple, not too wild. One can also easily combine the two linens as the colours work incredibly well together.”

The amazing quality and unique drying properties of the LINEN dishcloths have guaranteed them a place on Johanne’s list of favourites. This is because the dishcloths dry very quickly, and for Johanne, this means that they don’t cause odours. “You just hang them up above the tap and they’re dry again very quickly – I think that's really good.”

When it comes to table settings, Johanne dreams about the white SNOWFLAKES tablecloth because it is understated, yet also has a richly detailed pattern. “I'm quite fond of the classic and simple look, but I like for there to be something going on in the pattern too. From afar, SNOWFLAKES looks very calm yet super elegant. It's just so beautiful.”

The COLOURS tea towels also rank highly on Johanne’s list of favourites. This is because of the colourful design, but also due to their great drying capacity. “COLOURS tea towels, first and foremost, look really nice, and I like the tone-on-tone design. The contrast added by the different colour helps create a bit of play.”

When it’s time to get cosy on the sofa, the FLECKED throw in Brown/Dark Grey is a sure hit. The two-sided design of the throw is a beautiful detail which highlights the lovely combination of wool and cotton, and the colour perfectly suits the decor of Johanne’s home. “I think the FLECKED throw is just gorgeous. The mix of cotton and wool gives the product something special, and the brown colour just looks so nice. It works really well with wooden floors and wooden furniture, which I have quite a lot of at home.”

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