Susanne Nors

Susanne Nors (born 1966) is a trained designer from the Design School in Kolding in 2016. She is a weaver in the traditional sense of the word and with a great love for good and carefully thought out handicraft. With a cabinetmaker as a father and surrounded by mahogany and pallisander, the joy and the love for high-quality wood and the exquisite handicraft lie naturally within her DNA.

Susanne Nors is very absorbed by materials, colours, surfaces and texture, and how she can influence the atmosphere of a room and thereby give the users unique experience in their daily life. Susanne likes to work in the crossfield between the well known and the fascinating – the area you cannot quite figure out. To her, the most important thing is that the product has a useful function value. Good design is not just about aesthetics but also making the product better than anything already invented.