Beach Towels

Beach Towels

For the bathroom or the beach

Exclusive bath sheets in 100% Egyptian cotton terry towel are everyday luxury in its purest form. Soft and luxurious with a simple and elegant design, which makes them beautiful additions to your decor. The bath sheets measure 104 x 150 cm, and they get better and better the more they are used. Their large size means the bath sheets are lovely in the bathroom, as well as on a deckchair in the garden, by the pool, or on the beach. Perfect for a bit of self-indulgence or as a gift for someone who deserves some long-lasting luxury in their life.

Treat yourself with Terry towel

Wrapping up in a soft towel after a shower is a very special luxury that fills the body and soul with pleasure and warmth. A beautiful bath sheet creates the best kind of well-being and deserved luxury in a busy life, when it can be difficult to find time for rest and relaxation. The bath sheets are slightly longer and wider than the bath towels in our collection – perfect for those who enjoy being wrapped in a big towel that covers the entire body and absorbs water quickly. With its convenient size, the bath sheet is also ideal for beach trips, for use on a deck chair by the pool, or for winter swimmers after a brisk dip in the sea. Wonderful everyday luxury that combines durability, functionality and classic design, making it easy to get some of the relaxing spa atmosphere at home.

Wellness at all times

The luxurious bath sheets are the largest towels in our popular DAMASK TERRY range, which also includes guest towels, hand towels, bath towels, bath rugs and flannels. The high quality, colour fidelity and simple design make the soft and strong damask terry towel a much-loved classic within the collection. Besides their stylish design, the towels are also characterised by outstanding drying properties and a woven logo as a stamp of quality. The range of towels has been created by our own design team with a focus on functionality, quality and aesthetics. These properties and values have followed Georg Jensen Damask through the generations. The towels are woven from 100% double-twisted, combed cotton yarn, which gives them a unique softness and optimal drying properties that only improve over time.


The thick terry towels are not only a wonderful everyday luxury, but are also a decorative feature in your decor. Like the rest of towel collection, the bath sheets come in stylish colours that look great on their own but are just as beautiful combined with towels in other colours. For example, choose a bath sheet in the refined grey-black slate colour for a luxurious look that will create peace and calm in your decor. If you prefer the classic hotel look, the bath sheet is of course available in a beautiful white, which will give the bathroom a minimalist, timeless look. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed a soft towel in a luxurious quality that will suit any decor.


The simple design makes it easy to mix and match the towels to create a personal style in your bathroom, or you can easily create a sleek overall effect using a limited colour pallette. Functional and luxurious everyday luxury for the whole family, or a perfect gift.

Washing and care instructions

If you want to get the most out of your bath sheets, we recommend that you start by soaking them in cold water for about an hour before their first wash. Then wash the bath sheets at 60°C. This will optimise the drying performance of your towels from the very beginning. It will also make the thread loops lock together, minimising the risk of pulled threads. We recommend that you do not use fabric softener when you wash your bath sheets. Fabric softener forms a residue around the fibres and reduces their capacity for drying.