The Christmas tree in Denmark can be traced back to 1808, when countess Wilhelmine Holstein of Holsteinborg Castle near Skælskør allegedly was the first person to introduce the tradition of decorating the tree.

Since then, Christmas has truly become a time when special traditions and rituals are allowed to flourish. Decisions regarding Christmas decorations, the choice of Christmas menu or the Christmas carols to be sung on 24 December for example, are rarely left to chance. Furthermore, the Christmas tree is often subject to certain traditions, which should be followed so that Christmas Eve feels exactly right.

Christmas stars, hearts and baubles are some of the decorative items that have a certain symbolic value at Christmas time, but there are also many who attach particular importance to the Christmas tree rug. The rug may not be the first thing you notice when it is lying in its place under the Christmas tree, but it's a permanent feature of the Christmas decorations, which are often handed down through generations. Some Christmas tree rugs are even homemade and can last for several lifetimes.
The design behind the Christmas tree rug

Bodil Bødtker-Næss  is the designer behind our unique Christmas pattern, which for many has become a symbol of the true Christmas atmosphere in Denmark. Primarily, the pattern is a decorative feature of the traditional Christmas tablecloth  in our collection, but it is also a hallmark of the placemats, table runners and not least, the Christmas tree rug.

Like all our designs, the Christmas tree rug has been created with heavy emphasis on both quality and expression, to last for many years and with time, to become a traditional feature at Christmas. Therefore, the rug has also been designed on the basis of being practical – yet without compromising the iconic design of Bodil Bødtker-Næss.

The evocative pattern of the Christmas tree rug makes it easy to incorporate in the other Christmas decorations and is also a beautiful addition to the recognisable range of Christmas designs by Bodil Bødtker-Næss.
This is a classic Christmas tree rug with a modern shape that we hope will be the beginning of a new Christmas tradition in many living rooms.