VP Product Manager - Christian

Below, you will find all of Christian’s employee favourites. Read on and be inspired by designs both new and old.
Terry Towels Dusty Army
Size 50 x 100
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TRIPP for the double duvet  Ocean
Double duvet cover and two pillowcases
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TRIPP for the double duvet  Dark Grey
Double duvet cover and two pillowcases
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ABILD tea towels Flint
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The TRIPP bed linen is distinctly characteristic of Georg Jensen Damask for our VP Product Manager Christian. The design is just one of Bent Georg Jensen's iconic classics and moreover, one of the last he delivered at the age of 86. “TRIPP contains Bent Georg Jensen’s DNA. The geometric pattern was his expression and it is part of what we are best known for today.”

The ABILD tea towel is a favourite in the kitchen, due to its classic design being instantly recognisable. “Not only does it dry well - but it also has a design that retains its vibrancy. Regardless of the colour, or whether we are talking about a kitchen from the 1970s or 2010s, it's all-round and timeless.”

The HORIZONTAL tea towel is another favourite in the kitchen at Christian’s home, due to the fact that it is woven in excellent and functional material. “It’s slightly thinner than a classic tea towel, which makes it particularly useful for, e.g. drying glass.”

The functionality of the LINEN dishcloth ensures that it has a place on Christian’s list of favourites. For Christian, it is the weaving itself that provides the dishcloth with its stylish expression. At the same time, the dishcloth is practical because it is made of linen, which means that it does not emit odours or leave streaks when wiping off. Another little bonus is that the LINEN dishcloth does not conduct heat and may therefore be used as an oven glove.

A sure-fire hit in Christian's book is using the HERRINGBONE placemat for setting the table. “We can’t always have a tablecloth on the table. The HERRINGBONE acts as a frame for the table setting, while the twill weaving provides the placemat with a simple and rustic expression.”

ENGESVIK in Winter Grey is a favourite of Christian's for occasions that require having a tablecloth on the table. It has a downplayed design yet is still rich in detail. “The design is very Scandinavian and its simplicity makes it timeless. The tablecloth doesn’t steal the show, but it is a good canvas for what you use to set the table with.”

Christian gets out the MAY tablecloth in Frost Blue when he wants to create a different expression for the table setting. It has a light, organic expression, making it stylish when on the table. “The cloth is not so heavy in design, and the small dots may be snowflakes, leaves or whatever - the limits are set by the imagination alone.” MAY is therefore a very all-round tablecloth and can decorate the table in both summer and winter alike.  

The DAMASK TERRY towels are also a hit with Christian, due to their practicability and weight. “The towels are the right weight without being impractical. They have excellent, efficient drying properties and are designed using primary colours, which makes them timeless and contributes to them being current for many years to come. "

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