Web and logistics employee - Ditte

Below, you will find all of Ditte’s employee favourites. Read on and be inspired by designs both new and old.
For our web and logistics employee, Ditte, there is one design that tops her list of favourites – FACET bed linen in the colour Quarts. A truly classic and neutral bed linen that is also abundant with details in the form of its graphic pattern. “Regardless of whether one's home is retro or more modern, FACET simply fits right in. The colour and design are timeless, so even if your style changes, the bed linen will still fit in. Plus, the quality is simply amazing. It is undoubtedly the bed linen I like best.”

Another favourite in Ditte's book is the CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH in the colour Blue Gold. The newer version of the iconic classic bears the original pattern, while adding a modern touch with the colour combination of blue and gold. “Most people want to set a nice table around Christmastime, and here the blue Christmas tablecloth is an excellent alternative to the traditional red.”

DAMASK TERRY towels in 100% Egyptian cotton have earned a place on Ditte's list of favourites because they are soft and have good practical attributes. “The towels simply dry better than many others. The towels are better quality than many of those I had tried before. Now we have them in so many colours that they can easily be matched to any bathroom.”

KUBUS, designed with its soft velvet fabric, differs from many of the designs we have previously made. This is why it is also one of Ditte’s favourites. “I think it's great that we dared to make something in velvet. It is a little bit different to what we usually do. The colours are also really beautiful, and KUBUS is available both as a cushion and as a bedspread, so it can be mixed and matched in many ways.”

The NORS dishcloth and tea towel in the same series have also found their way onto Ditte's list of favourites. The NORS dishcloth is knitted in 100% cotton and matches the NORS tea towel. “I think many people want to keep microfibre and plastic out of the materials they use in the kitchen. At the same time, the dishcloth and tea towels fit together and are available in contemporary dusty colours.”

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