Marie von Ahm is the creator behind the wine tablecloths
My name is Marie, and I was born 38 years ago just south of Aarhus. I fell in love with the world of wine already at the age of 16 and has since devoted myself to its beautiful and multifaceted universe. Together with some of the world's most talented cartographers and Georg Jensen Damask, I've developed a tablecloth for wine enthusiasts, but before I tell you more about the wine tablecloths, I'll tell you a little bit about what drives me.
Many ask what attracted me to the world of wine and especially at such a young age, where all my friends resorted to beer and sugary drinks when partying. The answer was the same as it is today. The universe of the wine is unique! Wine is an incorporated part of our cultural history.  Wine is agriculture, innovation, history, traditions, fashion, economics, globalization, arts and crafts. Wine is deeply rooted in our European identity, and it tastes so amazing! Especially with food, which is another of my great passions.

I followed my dream

I've been working with wine since I was 20 years old and I never get tired of it, I think. Because just as many facets the universe of the wine has, just as many ways there are to work with wine. In 2006 I moved to beautiful Barcelona, where I still spend a lot of time when I'm not traveling. Furthermore, I have a home in Luxembourg, close to my beloved wine farmers in the Moselle region.
I have worked with wine in various ways. Theoretically, I have studied wine at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London. Practical I have worked in import, sales, marketing and even in the fields of a Spanish wine house, where I got my hands dirty and grape march between my toes! I made a career quite rapidly, and I gradually built up a very exciting network globally. I, therefore, chose to take the plunge as self-employed early 2009 and have never looked back! I write about wine, I blind taste, I make wine, I sell wine and I help people invest in wine and vineyards. I create loyalty programs, e-commerce solutions and I am building up a Champagne brand, running a private wine club in Spain and probably a whole lot more!

And now the tablecloth

A few years back I got this crazy idea printing my favourite maps of my favourite wine regions on tablecloths. As wine nerds we often sit and look at maps and draw on tablecloths and napkins, much to the waiter’s annoyance, to illustrate the difference between the small bounded fields. Why not produce a tablecloth where the region was already printed? A tablecloth in good quality! I presented my idea for Georg Jensen Damask, who happily participated, and you see the result here. Use the tablecloths as an educational decoration of your dinner table, for wine tastings, just for dinner or for nerding with the wine lovers. The wine tablecloths give a great overview of six wine regions.

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