World Childhood Foundation in collaboration with Georg Jensen Damask

In the fight against child abuse

On the 20th anniversary of the founding of the World Childhood Foundation in 2019, H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden, founder and honorary chairman of the board, decided to allow the design of her personal Easter tablecloth to be put into production for the benefit of the Foundation. The tablecloth has since been woven and sold by Georg Jensen Damask, in the hope that the unique design will help to raise awareness about the abuse of children’s rights worldwide. For each sold tablecloth EUR 100 will go to the World Childhood Foundation projects in full.

The World Childhood Foundation was founded in 1999 by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden in collaboration with 14 family funds, private investors and companies, all of which shared the same vision - to protect children's right to a safe childhood and improve living conditions for vulnerable children. Today, the fund works primarily as an incubator for local initiatives that seek to prevent violence and sexual abuse of children. Since 1999, countless projects worldwide have received support from the Childhood Fund, and thousands of children have therefore got a safer childhood - free from abuse and violence.

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H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweeden
H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweeden
The story behind the tablecloth
The tablecloth has a very special significance for the Swedish royal family. Originally, a trio of tablecloths in unique designs were woven as a gift for H.M. Queen Silvia on the occasion of her 60th birthday. One tablecloth was red, for Christmas, one was yellow, for Easter, and one was a classic white tablecloth for all seasons and occasions. All the tablecloths are adorned with the Queen’s monogram, and the Queen herself was involved in the creation of the elegant design in collaboration with the Danish designer Diana Holstein. Now the royal Easter design has been brought to life to help the children of the world.

A tablecloth with a purpose
At Georg Jensen Damask, we are proud to contribute to the World Childhood Foundation by weaving and selling the tablecloth and thereby supporting the prevention of child abuse. It is estimated that one in five children in Sweden will experience being the victim of sexual abuse at some point in their childhood - and in many parts of the world this figure is even higher (source: Stiftelsen Allmänna Barnhuset). The problem is far-reaching, and the abuses take place in all cultures and societies.

Christian Borch, VP Product Management, hopes that the very special story and purpose of the tablecloth can give rise to conversations about children's well-being each time it is used:

”It means a lot to us at Georg Jensen Damask being able to support the World Childhood Foundation in their cause. We are therefore very grateful that H.M. Queen Silvia has agreed to use her personal design to collect money for the organization and, not least, to raise awareness of how we avoid abuse of children and young people. A tablecloth lives long and gives good reason to bring difficult topics to the course when family and friends gather around the table. My hope is that more people will spread the message about H. M. Queen Silvia's efforts through the World Childhood Foundation and thus help break the silence of the abuses and actively or financially support the organization.”

The unique tablecloth is woven in 100% Egyptian cotton and adorned with H.M. Queen Silvia's personal monogram. The tablecloth is available in the colours White and Yellow. When purchasing the tablecloth, you also receive a Childhood bracelet as a thank you and a symbol of support for vulnerable children and the organization. The bracelet consists of beads of different colours, each symbolizing an article in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - which bear witness to that every child is entitled to a childhood free from violence and sexual abuse.

See H.M. Queen Silvia's Easter Tablecloth  
Queen Silvia's Easter Tablecloth in the colours of White and Yellow