Georg Jensen Damask is celebrating Christmas 2018 with a limited edition FINNSDÓTTIR tablecloth, which is offered in an elegant shade of green. Weaved from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, and designed by a Danish-Icelandic ceramist, Thora Finnsdóttir, who is known for breaking conventions, this tablecloth will bring a simple, refined style to your home this Christmas. First launched last year in classic white, but now available in North Atlantic green as limited edition. 180 tablecloths in the new shade, will have a number and Thora Finnsdóttirs signatur embroidered into the cotton, adding to their exclusive look and feel.

Striking in its simplicity, and incorporating a Christmas star, the FINNSDÓTTIR tablecloth promises to be an instant classic in the new Georg Jensen Damask Christmas collection. Faceted glass was the inspiration for the design, with the playful grid pattern and the star making the cloth appear almost three-dimensional, while the green will combine beautifully with other Christmas shades. An invisible surface treatment helps to protect the cloth against food and wine stains.

The FINNSDÓTTIR pattern is also available on tea towels in both Jade Green and Dark Grey in 50 percent cotton and 50 percent linen. The kitchen towels are available all year, as they are not part of the limited-edition collection.

Damask weaving for Christmas

Weaving is the intersection of two right-angled thread systems where the longitudinal thread forms the chain while the transverse threads form the weft. You can work with loom and/or jacquard weaving, with the loom weaving producing simple check or striped patterns, while jacquard weaving enables you to create advanced patterns and designs that are familiar from damask tablecloths and bed linen.

Damask, which Georg Jensen is especially known for, is a weaving technique that originated in the Han dynasty in China (200 BC), when it was used for the manufacture of colourful and distinguished silk materials. The technique spread to the Orient via the Silk Road, and Damascus in Syria became the home of the damask weaving technique. In the Middle Ages, the technique appeared in Southern Europe and them moved northwards, where it found a new centre in Haarlem, Holland. It was here that the Georg Jensen family was introduced to the weaving technique and brought it to Denmark.

The damask weaving technique is characterised by dense and fine-threaded textiles. The relief look with mat and shiny surfaces occurs when the transverse (the weft) and longitudinal threads (the chain) alternate in dominating the pattern. Damask weaving is carried out on a jacquard weave that is used primarily for sateen bindings to give the beautiful designs the correct expression and high degree of detail.

Thora Finnsdóttir
Born in Iceland in 1974, Finnsdóttir is a Danish-Icelandic ceramic designer from the Danish Design School. After her graduation, she established her own company Finnsdóttir that has become known for original Scandinavian design, which exquisitely reflects the inspiration she finds in the shapes and forms of everyday life. Finnsdóttir also finds inspiration in Iceland’s magnificent contrasts – the meeting between nature and civilisation, and the old and the new.

FINNSDÓTTIR tablecloth in sizes from 140x250 cm to prices from 213 €

FINNSDÓTTIR tea towels, 50x80 cm 19 €.