Jette Nevers

Jette Nevers (born 1943) graduated from the Design School Copenhagen in 1965. After her graduation, she opened her own workshop and she was known for her simple naturally coloured shawls and ponchos. From approx. 1970, she has experimented with different weaving techniques and she has made a large number of firmly composed pictorial carpets for large decoration assignments as well as altar frontals, chancel carpets and chasubles for several Danish churches. Jette Nevers has always had students in her workshop and through that a significant influence on Danish Textile Arts.

Jette Nevers works with weaving in a broad sense. As one of few, she is able to explore the weaving technique itself to create pictures and compositions, which form the basis of each work. Early on, the weavers Franca Rasmussen and John Becker engaged her. They represent the free textile art and the tightly disciplined weaving respectively. The works of Jette Nevers are divided into 4 main groups – textile weaving, church assignments, the design of piece goods and the free experiments.

In 1978, an agelong and still ongoing cooperation with Georg Jensen Damask started, and from the hand of Jette Nevers, you will find FACET and SNOWFLAKES - classics with a sure touch.

With several know works and a large number of exhibitions both home and abroad, Jette Nevers has left her personal mark on Danish Textile Arts.

Jette Nevers has created designs such as FACET bed linen and the SNOWFLAKE collection of placemats, table runners and tablecloths for Georg Jensen Damask.
Jette Nevers