Linen Napkins

Create a beautiful table setting with classic napkins in soft and exclusive linen

Set the table with linen napkins

A beautifully laid table sets the stage for pleasant mealtimes, whether it is a grand dinner or an informal breakfast table – and here the napkin plays an integral role in creating a complete table setting. The napkin has both a decorative and practical function, and it can elevate the table setting in an instant. The tradition of having napkins on the table is enjoying a renaissance in recent years. At one time, napkins were primarily reserved for formal dinners with starched white tablecloths and gleaming silver flatware.

Today, however, there are a myriad of colours, patterns and designs to choose from so the table setting can feature a personal touch – whatever the occasion.

Crinkled and casual or smooth and ironed

With its elegant and natural look, the linen napkin represents a modern alternative to the classic white cloth napkin. The beautiful texture and matte surface creates a very special impression on the table and the linen napkin can also be styled in countless different ways. You can iron it completely smooth (remember to use steam to prevent fibre breakage) and use it with a tablecloth, but it also looks amazing when you take a slightly crinkled napkin directly from the clothesline and add it to your table setting. The lovely rustic look of linen napkins also makes it easy to combine with both fine porcelain and especially contemporary ceramics, which call out for a rustic and relaxed aesthetic. With its lightweight quality, the linen napkin is ideal for creating a natural napkin fold, such as a soft knot in the middle and with a flower, twig or herb tucked into the fold.

In addition to its decorative properties, the linen napkin also possesses a number of practical qualities. Linen is naturally a durable material which becomes softer with every wash. In addition, linen is antiseptic and relatively dirt-resistant. Linen napkins should not be washed at high temperatures; this will extend their lifespan so you can enjoy them for longer.

Linen napkins for everyday and special occasions

The classic napkin in linen is an extravagant luxury that can make any table setting beautiful in an instant. And linen napkins are not only reserved for formal dinners – they are suitable for any occasion that calls for a stylish touch.

At Georg Jensen Damask we offer linen napkins in an array of gorgeous colours. Set your table with the classic white linen napkin when the occasion calls for a stylish, timeless look or choose an evocative red napkin for your Christmas tablescape. Whether you choose to restrict your table setting to one colour, or whether you create contrast by mixing and matching shades, you can be sure of achieving a refined look for your table. The stunning texture of linen napkins provides an effortless, Nordic and elegant appearance that will suit any table setting.